Love Is Blind’s Abhishek accused of Being ‘Fatphobic’

Abhishek Chatterjee has received backlash from fans of the Netflix series for trying to determine the weight of those he was dating.

Love Is Blind’s Abhishek accused of Being ‘Fatphobic’ - f

"I already don’t like Abhishek"

Abhishek Chatterjee, also known as ‘Shake’, has received backlash from Love Is Blind fans after he spent his first dates in the pod attempting to find out what the women looked like.

The show features a group of 30 singles who sign up to participate in the ‘experiment’.

Over ten days of speed dating, contestants get to know each other by having conversations in pods, separated by a wall.

They take notes and build a connection until they have to decide whether to get engaged without ever seeing their partner, or leave the show alone.

Once the engagements take place, the couples are whisked away to a tropical resort.

There, they work on building a physical connection.

Finally, phase three involves transitioning into the ‘real world’ – living together, meeting each other’s parents, and tying the knot.

Abhishek ruffled feathers when he seemingly tried to determine the weight of those he was dating.

This detail wasn’t lost on fans who took to social media to share their thoughts.

One fan wrote: “Fifteen minutes into Love Is Blind Season 2 and I had to audibly gasp at Abhishek’s attempt to determine Deepti’s weight.

“Sir?? how about we try rereading the title of the show???”

Another added: “Shake does NOT understand the assignment.”

A third commented: “I already don’t like Abhishek, I’m sensing some internalised fatphobia there.”

He proceeded to ask several women about their clothing size, whether they enjoy working out and their age.

Shake spoke to Deepti Vempati and immediately concluded that she was Indian, adding:

“My serious relationships, they’ve all been… blonde.”

Shake told his story of moving to the US and seeing “snow and blonde girls” for the first time.

Deepti was able to laugh at Shake’s comments and revealed that she also had only dated white guys in the past, so she could relate to what he was trying to say.

Their conversation quickly turned into Shake asking Deepti if she liked being on a guy’s shoulders at a music festival:

“Will I have trouble picking you up?”

In the second episode, Deepti confronted Abhishek about his remarks and he opened up about being “chunky” as a kid.

Shake talked about how his line of thinking reflected some of the “demons” he still had inside, and it made Deepti feel happy that he was being vulnerable.

Abhishek ended up proposing to Deepti, and the pair headed to Mexico to solidify their relationship.

In other news, Love Is Blind has been renewed for a third season on Netflix.

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