Kangana Ranaut Opens Up about her Marriage Plans

Kangana Ranaut openly discussed her marriage aspirations and her desire to establish a life within the next five years.

Kangana Ranaut Opens Up about her Marriage Plans - f

"I want to be married and have a family."

Prominent actress and filmmaker, Kangana Ranaut continues to captivate the entertainment industry.

She frequently grabs headlines by fearlessly addressing nepotism in the Hindi film sector and her relationships.

As she eagerly anticipates the release of her upcoming film, Tejas, Kangana has candidly shared her plans for marriage within the next five years and the valuable lessons she’s gained from her past relationships.

In an exclusive interview with Times Now, the 36-year-old actress revealed her aspirations for marriage.

She candidly expressed that, like any other girl, she dreams of marrying and building a loving family.

Emphasising her strong connection to family life, Kangana stated:

“I want to be married and have a family and it will happen in five years.

“It will be good if it is a mix of arranged and love marriage.”

Kangana also delved into the wisdom acquired from her previous romantic involvements.

Having previously made headlines for her relationships with actors like Aditya Pancholi, Adhyayan Suman, and Hrithik Roshan, many of these relationships ended in heartbreak.

Reflecting on her past, she remarked: “You won’t always get success in relationships.

“And you will be lucky if you don’t get that success at a young age and that happened to me.

“I was so determined to make that thing work that if it would have continued, I would have given all my years to it.

“Luckily that relationship didn’t work for me at that time. I think God protected me, but this perspective comes very late in life.”

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Kangana was questioned about her change of heart towards the Khans.

She responded by saying that her ‘battles’ were never ‘personal’ and she had no personal grudge with any of the Khans.

And, the issues she had with them are resolving slowly.

Kangana Ranaut told Times Now: “I have never said anything unreasonable about the Khans.

“My main issue was the shorter female roles (in their films) and the age of the actresses who were cast opposite them. See, how that is changing now.

“Actresses over 35-40 are becoming the heroines of Khans. So, I have fought for these changes.

“Otherwise, we used to see the heroines of Khans play their mothers 8-10 years down the line. So, we have fought for these changes.”

On the professional front, Kangana Ranaut’s most recent appearance was in Chandramukhi 2.

Currently, she is gearing up for the release of Tejas, a film of great significance as it marks her maiden solo directorial venture.

In Tejas, she will also be portraying the role of India’s late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

In addition, her future projects include Emergency and Manikarnika Returns: The Legend Of Didda, ensuring her continued prominence in the industry.

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