Reema Khan reveals the Key to her Success

In a conversation with Imran Ashraf, Reema Khan opened up about her successful acting career and her beauty secrets.

Reema Khan reveals the Key to her Success - f

"I worked hard and became a star."

Reema Khan recently joined Imran Ashraf on the set of Mazaaq Raat to talk about her successful acting career.

Imran highlighted that Reema was one of the very few actresses who was never part of a controversy, to which Reema replied that it was due to her sole focus on work.

She stated: “I always focused on my work and never felt jealous of my co-stars.

“I have never held a grudge against anyone.

“I encouraged my colleagues and admired their work. Watching junior actors never instilled a sense of pride in me.

“I worked hard to become a successful actor and it was my fortune that my first film was a blockbuster.

“Its popularity with fans turned me into a star overnight.”

Reema went on to say that she had a very honest relationship with her work and that when she did not do as well in her career she did not take it to heart, neither did she become obsessed with success:

“I worked hard and became a star. After the world of film, I continued to play many roles in my real life.

“First, I was a daughter, then I became a wife, and then a mother. The film of life will always keep going.”

Imran proceeded to ask Reema Khan about her beauty secrets to which she replied:

“I have a positive outlook on life and I care a lot about my mental health.

“I love myself a lot and I make sure I look after myself mentally as well as physically. This is the secret to my beauty.”

Just recently Reema was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the Lux Style Awards.

Upon accepting her awards Reema thanked her fans and critics.

As Reema stood on stage to graciously accept her award, she pointed out that in life many people will criticise you and that instead of their criticism breaking you, you should allow it to make you stronger than before.

Reema began her acting career with the film Bulandi and went on to work in films such as Nikah, Munda Bigra Jaaye, Love 95 and Mujhe Chand Chahye.

Throughout her career, Reema Khan has won a wide range of awards including Best Actress, Best TV Actress, Best Film Actress, and the Pride of Performance which she was awarded in 2019.

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