Janhvi Kapoor under fire for saying ‘Maths makes you Retarded’

Janhvi Kapoor revealed the most disliked subject for her. During an interview, she said: “Maths makes people retarded.”

Janhvi Kapoor under fire for saying ‘Maths makes you Retarded’ - f

"The only person who is retarded is her for her thinking."

During school, everyone had a favourite and a not-so-favourite subject. Maths mostly used to be the least favoured.

Elaborating on the same, Janhvi Kapoor claimed that maths used to be the most disliked subject for her.

During a recent interview, she said, maths makes people “retarded” whereas subjects like literature and history make one a “cultured human”.

Uploaded on the Instagram page @Philmyyy, the video has now gone viral.

In the interview, the actress said: “I only cared about history and literature, which I did really well in.

“I don’t understand the point. I never used algebra since the invention of calculators, so why did I need to study it so hard.

“Like, what was the point? History and literature, on the other hand, it makes you a cultured human. Maths just makes you retarded.”

As the clip went viral, many addressed the actress with either jokes or condemnation. It has managed to gather over 53,000 views.

The caption of the video read: “Maths just makes you RETARDED.

“Today, in another instance of why you shouldn’t take Bollywood actors for intellectuals.

“They’re just stage performers, appreciate their work and ignore absolutely everything else about them.”

To this, one person wrote: “Maths is useful for those who study science and want to become something in that field. Now who told you that maths isn’t useful in your daily life?

“I’m a science student who wanted to be a biomedical scientist. In short, you can say ‘future scientist’.

“You simply can’t say that maths isn’t useful and you can’t understand the point of studying it.

“It’s ok if it’s not useful for you but for others, it’s very much useful and important.”

Another person wrote: “I’m a maths graduate and felt personally very hurt. The only person who is retarded is her for her thinking.

“This stupid nepo kid who swipes on her Instagram on her mobile splashes out money all the time and forgets that there would be no Instagram as those who are created by programmers.

“Programmers are good at maths and algebra helps a person to think logically and solve problems which are very useful in coding.

“We live in a world of technology which we take for granted and technology is built on the foundation of maths, she should think twice before she opens her mouth.”

Others also defended her, saying that maths invokes such feelings in them as well.

One Tweet read: “I’m sorry but she’s clearly not being absolutely serious about maths making you retarded.

“It’s just her take on not liking maths. I say the same all the time and would agree with her.

“Y’all take everything too seriously about these star kids just to pick on them without reason.”

In other news, Janhvi Kapoor will be seen next in Good Luck Jerry. In it, she plays a Bihari woman who plays a drug courier for a gang of smugglers.

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