Indian Wedding cancelled after Groom fails ‘Maths Test’

In a bizarre incident, an Indian wedding in Uttar Pradesh was called off after the groom failed a “maths test”.

Indian Wedding cancelled after Groom fails 'Maths Test' f

The bride's suspicions were proved

An Indian wedding was cancelled after the groom failed a simple “maths test”.

The bizarre incident happened in Uttar Pradesh.

It was reported that the unnamed groom was dressed up and had arrived at the wedding hall on the evening of May 1, 2021, with the wedding procession.

He was set to get married, however, the bride was suspicious of his educational qualifications.

As a result, she asked him to recite the two times tables before the garlands could be exchanged.

The unnamed groom failed the simple “maths test” after he could not recite them. The bride’s suspicions were proved and she called off the wedding.

Vinod Kumar, Station House Officer at Panwari Police Station, explained that it was an arranged marriage.

He said that the groom was from Dhawar village in the district of Mahoba.

At the wedding venue, members of the two families, as well as other villagers, had gathered.

The bride had asked for the “maths test” just before the marriage was set to be complete.

When the groom failed, she walked off the stage, saying that she could not marry a person who did not know basic mathematics.

Friends and relatives tried to convince the bride to change her mind, however, they failed to do so.

A relative of the bride said that the wedding guests were shocked to find out that the groom was uneducated.

The relative said: “The groom’s family had kept us in the dark about his education. He may not even have gone to school.

“The groom’s family had cheated us. But my brave sister walked out without fearing social taboo.”

The police were informed about the Indian wedding but they did not file a case after both parties came to a compromise following intervention from prominent citizens of the village.

But as part of the compromise, the bride and groom’s families were required to return the gifts and jewellery.

Indian weddings have been called off for bizarre reasons.

In one case, a couple from Gujarat divorced just minutes after getting married because their families got into a fight over the wedding meal.

It was heard that the couple had just taken their vows at the venue.

Soon after, it was time for the bride, groom and their guests to enjoy the wedding meal. However, all the happiness changed.

According to reports, the groom’s family were unhappy with the lunch that was being served at the wedding. This caused an argument between the two families.

It escalated when the groom’s family initiated a fight and the wedding venue soon turned into chaos as both families got into a brawl.

A wedding guest called the police. Upon their arrival, the fight was stopped immediately but the anger between the two families was evident.

The incident led to the couple’s divorce. Both families immediately called their lawyers and the divorce took place inside the wedding venue.

After both families respective advocates arrived, the divorce process took minutes to be made official.

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