Indian Wedding Cancelled after Fight breaks out over Dessert

A groom was forced to leave his wedding without his bride after a fight over the popular Indian dessert rasgulla (rasogulla) turned violent.

Indian dessert, rasogulla, causes fight at wedding

"13 people are believed to have been wounded."

A wedding taking place in Bihar had to be cancelled when a fight broke out between the bride and groom’s families over the Indian dessert, rasgulla.

Amongst a host of serious reasons as to why a marriage might be cancelled, this is by far one of the most unusual and bewildering.

Based on reports from Gulf News, on 15th July 2018, a wedding procession had travelled to Nalanda from Madpasauna village Sheikhpura district for the marriage of Sudhir Prasad’s daughter.

The wedding was going smoothly until it came to the exchanging of the wedding garlands. It is believed that the disagreement began after some of the guests from the groom’s wedding party took their seats.

Reports indicate that the trouble started to surface when these guests repeatedly demanded rasgulla whilst food was being served.

After agreeing to their requests and providing them with the popular dessert, their demands nevertheless continued. When the hosts refused these additional requests, the party turned.

A bitter fight ensued between the two families, disrupting a happy occasion and turning it into the scene of a battlefield.

The guests on the groom’s side became enraged. They went on a rampage using bamboo sticks and rods to assault the bride’s wedding guests.

Assaulting women and children, the attack spared no one. As a result of the rampage, 13 people are believed to have been wounded.

Not only did the attackers target the bride’s guests, they also set their sights on her close family. Those who were injured included the parents of the bride.

The bride’s side was so angry at the attack that they immediately cancelled the wedding, resulting in the groom leaving the wedding without his bride.

No one could have imagined that the violent fight which followed this disagreement could have been the result of such a trivial matter.

In an attempt to catch the attackers, police are reportedly already conducting raids.

The people who were injured in the attack were taken to a local government hospital. Three people who were badly injured are reported to be in a critical condition.

Rasgulla, also known as rasogulla, is a syrupy dessert. It melts in the mouth and is normally described as soft, spongy and totally delicious.

The sweet dessert is often served on celebratory occasions as it is a highly popular dessert in India. The treat goes down well with everyone.

However, in this case, it seems some of the wedding guests were much too keen to get their hands on the rasgulla.

Interestingly, this is not the first case of rasgulla-related crime. In May 2018, thieves broke into a confectionary shop in Bihar where they stole Rs 25,000 worth of rasgulla.

According to police, the thieves had made a hole in the roof of the shop allowing them to slip in. They walked away with huge amounts of the freshly made dessert which had been prepared earlier for a family function.

The unconventional yet memorable theft is believed to be the first of its kind. Paired with this case of wedding violence, perhaps rasgulla is becoming far too desirable.

Considering the criminal lengths people are willing to go to obtain some, we’re wondering just how delicious this dessert can be.

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