Indian Wedding fight over Meal leads to Divorce

The newly-wed couple quickly got divorced after their families got into a fight over the meal served at their Indian wedding.

Indian Wedding fight over Meal leads to Divorce f

The trivial matter saw guests hurling dishes at each other.

In a very odd marital incident, a couple from Gondal district in Gujarat divorced each other minutes after getting married because their families got into a fight over the wedding meal.

It was heard that the couple had just taken their vows at the venue and gave promises to be each other’s companion in all seven births.

Soon after, it was time for the bride, groom and their guests to enjoy the wedding meal. However, all the happiness changed.

According to reports, the groom’s family were unhappy with the lunch that was being served at the wedding. This caused an argument between the two families.

It escalated when the groom’s family initiated a fight and the wedding venue soon turned into chaos as both families got into a brawl.

The trivial matter saw guests hurling dishes at each other and throwing punches.

Before the fight became more violent, an unidentified wedding guest called the police. Upon their arrival, the fight was stopped immediately but the anger between the two families was evident.

It was a surreal and dramatic reaction to food being served, but it ended up having major consequences for the bride and groom.

The incident led to the couple’s divorce. Both families immediately called their lawyers and the divorce took place inside the wedding venue.

After both families respective advocates arrived, the divorce process took minutes to be made official.

Before they parted ways, the now ex-husband and wife returned the wedding gifts that had exchanged shortly before the fight broke out.

This is not the first time where food has played a part in the breakdown of a marriage. In 2014, a woman called off her wedding after the groom’s family wanted mutton biryani instead of chicken.

It started when the bride-to-be’s family prepared 30 kg of chicken biryani and sent it to the groom’s family. They were upset as they do not eat chicken, however, the issue was quickly resolved.

But when it was brought up again at the wedding, an argument broke out which resulted in the bride refusing to get married.

Police said: “Seeing how events were unfolding, the bride refused to get hitched. Seeing the groom’s family’s behaviour prior to the wedding, she wondered how she would be treated after marriage.

There have been a number of strange reasons for divorce and not all of them are food-related. This ranges from arguments about what to watch on TV to even having to keep up with sexual demands.

One thing though is that this incident is very unique as the reason led to a divorce minutes after the marriage.

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