Indian Photographer wins Sony World International Award

An Indian photographer from Kolkata has won the Sony World International Award. He explained how he took the photo and his inspirations.

Indian Photographer wins Sony World International Award-f

"it represents the feeling of being trapped"

Indian photographer Pubarun Basu has won the Sony World International Award 2021.

The Indian photographer has won the Sony Award for ‘Youth Photographer of the Year’.

Basu won the award for his photograph ‘No Escape from Reality’.

Pubarun Basu is 20-years-old and from Kolkata.

Sharing his experience of winning the award, Basu said:

” There were 330,000 entries from around 220 regions around the world.

“I am the first Indian to win this title. I am humbled by the recognition.”

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Pubarun Basu explained how he managed to take the award-winning photo. He revealed:

“It was during the lockdown and I had to find something from my surroundings for the competition.

“One evening, I was in my parents’ bedroom when I noticed the bright sunlight seeping through the window.

“The shadows of the iron bars fell on the curtain, and it made an illusion of a cage.

“I asked my mother to stand behind the curtain with her hands stretched out to touch the fabric.

“For me, it represents the feeling of being trapped in a moment, or in one’s reality.”

Pubarun Basu submitted the photograph in July 2020.

He was informed about the victory in March 2021, however, he had to keep it a secret until the official announcement in April 2021.

The Indian photographer said: “No one apart from my family knew and that was the toughest part.”

The award includes a certificate and photography equipment, as well as other experiences. Basu explains:

“My work will also be featured in the annual photo book published by the organisation.

“Usually, there is a felicitation ceremony followed by an exhibition in London. It did not happen this year due to the pandemic.”

Indian Photographer wins Sony World International Award-photo

It was Basu’s second attempt at the award. He participated in the competition in 2019 but couldn’t secure victory. He said:

“Though my photograph was selected as a highlight by the editor, I did not win any award.

“That experience gave me a push to participate this year.”

Basu spent day and night practising photography. He mentioned that, in the last two years, not a single day passed without him working on his photography skills. He further explains:

“I would either click or process pictures. It not only kept me engaged during the pandemic but also kept me sane.”

Basu’s passion for photography started at the age of four, and the reason was his father. Basu explains:

“My father, Pranab Basu is also a photographer, and I would experiment with his camera as a child.

“He gave me my first camera when I was 10. It was a basic model.

“I have been using my dad’s full-frame camera for the past five years.”

Basu’s learning experience was backed by the teacher at home and that eventually led him to win international recognition.

Talking about his learning experience, he said:

“I always had my father’s guidance.

“He has a collection of photography books that I have access to.

“Social media also helped. It gave me exposure to the works of photographers from around the world.”

Basu is inspired by Henri Cartier Bresson, Steve McCurry and Raghu Rai.

Basu says: “Their photographs make an impact and are also beautiful.

“I hope to narrate stories of the people in my area through my works.

“I also have plans to try my hand at film making in the future.”

To polish his skills, Basu also undertook the online photography course organised by the Museum of Modern Art, New York. He says:

“It was very intense, and I learnt a lot about art photography from it.”

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Images courtesy of Instagram and The Hindu

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