Indian Girl & Adult BF kill Father for opposing Relationship

In Delhi, a 14-year-old girl and her 23-year-old boyfriend killed her adoptive father as he was allegedly hindering her relationship.

Indian Girl & Adult BF kill Father for opposing Relationship f

he opposed it as Rahul was an adult

Delhi Police arrested a 14-year-old girl and her boyfriend after it was discovered that they killed her adoptive father.

It is believed the lovers carried out the killing because the victim was becoming a hindrance in their relationship.

The matter came to light when Pinky Saxena returned home from work.

Pinky was a health worker but when she came home, she found Anil Saxena’s body in the bedroom.

The 58-year-old’s hands and feet had been bound with rope. It was found that he was strangled to death with a rope.

Pinky informed the police and expressed her suspicions as her 14-year-old adopted daughter was missing.

Police launched an investigation and when they checked the CCTV footage, they saw the teenager leaving the building with a young man.

Officers eventually located the pair in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

During questioning, the pair admitted to killing the man.

The man was identified as 23-year-old Rahul Kapoor Chand, a resident of Jalgaon.

He told police that he met the teenager through the game Garena Free Fire.

The pair then began speaking on social media.

But when Anil found out about the long-distance relationship, he opposed it as Rahul was an adult while his daughter was still a child.

The girl told her boyfriend about this and he repeatedly told her that he would take her to Ghaziabad where they will be together.

Rahul travelled from his home to Delhi, where he stayed in a hotel.

He then went to the victim’s house to meet his minor girlfriend.

When Anil arrived home, Rahul attempted to hide but was caught. At that point, the lovers attacked Anil before tying his hands and feet up and placing him on the bed.

The pair then fatally strangled the man.

After committing the killing, the girl packed some of her clothes and fled the house with her boyfriend, taking a bank card.

They took a taxi to Agra before travelling to Jalgaon by bus.

The girl admitted to police that her father was against her illicit relationship, therefore, she had to take action.

Meanwhile, Pinky said that she and Anil adopted the girl when she was just a week old.

She said: “My daughter was adopted from Bareilly Home Centre. At that time she was only 7 days old.

“For 14 years, we were raising her as our blood. Got a good education for her. Presently she was studying in class VII.”

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