Indian Girl Gang honeytrap led to Youth’s Suicide Attempts

An Indian girl gang member has been arrested after she set a honeytrap on a youth who then tried to kill himself due to her blackmail.

Indian Girl Gang honeytrap led to Youths Suicide Attempts f

She used to get four to five thousand rupees per honeytrap

The victim of a horrid ‘honeytrap’ set up by a gang of girls in Delhi, India, led to him trying to commit suicide three times in fear of his tampered communication with the girls being posted on the internet.

Javed Khan who is a resident of the Taranagar area of the Churu district in Rajasthan tried to end his life after finding out that his online communications with young girls from Delhi were part of a scheme to blackmail him.

The honeytrap of this Delhi girl gang came to the fore when Javed eventually decided to go to Churu police and register the case.

The police’s cyber team acted swiftly and tracked down one girl accused from the gang named Aanchal Sharma, who they subsequently arrested as part of the investigation.

Circle Inspector Sukhram Chotiya from the women’s police station revealed that Javen Khan came to them and lodged a report about a gang of girls who trapped him by invoking sexual and obscene chats with him online.

Javed did not realise that the girls had initiated the conversations or online meets with him as part of a honeytrap until finding out that his email, Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked.

The gang used his personal information and photos that they inappropriately edited to make them look like obscene acts along with the sexual chats and posted them online, which started to go viral.

The girls threatened him and said they would defame him so much that he would end up taking his own life and die. These threats did trigger his suicide attempts, where he tried to take his life three times.

When police took action and arrested Aanchal Sharma, more information about the gang and their honeytraps was sought from her during interrogation.

Aanchal, whose father works at Delhi University, became a prominent member of the gang.

She used to get four to five thousand rupees per honeytrap case after talking to boys with sexually led obscene chats and then implicating them.

Aanchal told police that the leader of the gang is a young woman named Neha Butt.

Neha showed her leadership status by showering money on the girls in the gang like Aanchal.

She gave the girls expensive gifts and paid for beauty and leisure activities.

Aanchal revealed that about six months ago, Neha contacted her giving her the contact number of Javed Khan and told her to pursue him as a target for a honeytrap.

After Aanchal’s arrest, Neha Butt absconded and cannot be located at present. Her mobile phone is off, her Instagram account has been closed and she quickly left her rented house in Delhi.

Aanchal was presented before a court and then sent to jail.

Police are now actively looking for Neha and other gang members.

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