Siham Malik jailed for Online Blackmail while Posing as ‘Sienna’

Siham Malik pretended to be a young woman named ‘Sienna’ in order to blackmail a company boss into sending him thousands of pounds.

siham malik jailed

"That was easy. I think I will ask for more."

Siham Malik, aged 25, of Blackley, Greater Manchester was jailed for two years on Friday, September 7, 2018, at Manchester Crown Court for blackmailing a company boss into sending him thousands of pounds.

He admitted to one charge of blackmail.

The Court heard that Malik posed online as a young woman named ‘Sienna’ to carry out the crime in 2017.

It was heard that the victim went on the Seeking Arrangement website, known for connecting ‘sugar daddies’ to ‘sugar babies’, and found ‘Sienna’.

The profile implied that he was flirting with a white, 23-year-old woman.

‘Sienna’ was actually Siham Malik.

The perpetrator sent a sexually explicit picture of ‘Sienna’ before the victim sent his own intimate image.

During the hearing, it was heard that the conversation dwindled and the man told ‘Sienna’ he was interested.

Prosecutor Maria Woodward explained to the court how the online chatter took a dark turn.

Malik sent the victim bank details while pretending to be ‘Sienna’ and told him:

“I think you should send me something for wasting my time.”

The victim apologised before the fraudster told him:

“Well, maybe I should show **** our arrangement”, naming the man’s girlfriend.

The Court heard that the victim later received pictures of his Facebook friends as well as a copy of his girlfriend’s social media page.

Malik threatened to post the man’s intimate picture on Facebook and tag all his friends.

Malik asked the victim: “Is your relationship worth £500.”

His victim quickly replied ‘yes’.

It is said that Malik wrote: “That was easy. I think I will ask for more.”

The victim paid £600 into Siham Malik’s account.

His ordeal did not end.

siham malik

He suspected that his phone was hacked when the background picture changed and quickly set about changing his security settings.

Malik managed to find pictures of the man and his friends from WhatsApp. He posted them and demanded another £1,000.

The Court heard that the victim begged to be left alone and paid a total of £2,100 to Malik.

When the threats continued and could no longer afford further payments, the man called the police.

Police officers arrested Malik on September 19, 2017, and seized two mobile phones.

Malik denied committing any offences and claimed the money was from friends for the birth of his child.

During the hearing, Malik’s victim said: “It’s been very scary, a terrifying week.”

“I believed it would ruin both my relationship with my partner and both our lives.”

“The worst thing is how the defendant seemed to take pleasure in the fact he was ruining my life.”

Malik has had 13 previous convictions, mostly for theft, but has never been sent to prison.

Katie Jones, defending, told the court that Malik expressed remorse to the probation service, which officers believed was genuine.

Malik, a father of two, was said to have been a regular cannabis user over the past 10 years.

Miss Jones said: “He felt over the whole of the time his new responsibility as a father and started using cannabis even more heavily.”

“He acknowledges his cannabis use played a significant role in the crisis which led him to choose to behave this way.”

The judge, Recorder Ciaran Rankin, spoke of the ’tissue of lies’ Malik had told police.

“This was a pre-meditated offence.”

“It required some planning and effort on your part. You made background enquiries.”

After jailing Malik, the judge criticised the victim for betraying his girlfriend and going on a sugar daddy website in the first place.

Judge Rankin added: “Perhaps he needs to look in the mirror before he makes statements like that.”

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