Indian Boy dies while Re-enacting Bhagat Singh’s Execution

In a tragic incident, a 12-year-old Indian boy died whilst re-enacting the execution of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh.

Indian Boy dies whilst Re-enacting Bhagat Singh's Execution f


the neighbours saw Sanjay's body.

A 12-year-old Indian boy has died at his home in Karnataka whilst re-enacting the execution of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh.

It was reported that he had been rehearsing for a play that was scheduled to take place on November 1, 2022.

The boy has been identified as Sanjay Gowda, a Class seven student.

According to police, Sanjay created a noose with rope and jumped off a bed in an attempt to recreate Singh’s execution.

However, he reportedly died instantly.

Sanjay was home alone when the incident occurred.

The unfortunate event came to light when his mother, Bhagyalakshmi Gowda, returned home from work at 9 pm from a tea stall that she and her husband run.

Sanjay’s mother returned home to find the house had been locked from the inside.

The boy would usually be home alone but this was unusual so his mother called the neighbours for help.

After numerous attempts of the neighbours banging on the door, they found an open window to wrench open.

Upon looking through the window, the neighbours saw Sanjay’s body.

Bhagyalakshmi rushed to call her husband, Nagaraj Gowda, who used his key to open the front door.

Sanjay was immediately taken to hospital. However, doctors declared the Indian boy dead.

Following the death of his son, Mr Gowda has spoken out about his son’s tragic death.

To his knowledge, Mr Gowda said that the school gave an assignment to Sanjay to focus on the character of Bhagat Singh as part of the Rajyotsava national holiday.

Mr Gowda went on to describe his son’s death as: “accidental.”

Nagaraj Gowda does not hold anyone accountable for Sanjay Gowda’s passing.

The headmaster of Sanjay’s school released a statement but revealed that the Bhagat Singh theme was not part of the play.

Kotturesh KT said:

“Sanjay Gowda was a bright student, who stood first in the classroom and extra-curricular activities.”

“His death has saddened the entire school. As we were presenting programmes on Rajyotsava Day, we requested parents to inform their respective class teachers of their children’s interest in participating in the cultural programmes.

“It was related to Kannada and culture, and the Bhagat Singh theme was not part of it.”

He clarified that school authorities had not assigned any role for Sanjay and the student might have practised Bhagat Singh’s role on his own.

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