Indian Doctors fight at Medical Association Meeting

At the Indian Medical Association’s annual meeting, violence erupted between several doctors. Footage of the incident has circulated online.

Indian Doctors fight at Medical Association Meeting f


"a few representatives present there got agitated"

A group of doctors clashed with each other during the Indian Medical Association (IMA) annual meeting in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

The incident took place on October 30, 2022. Footage of the fight circulated on social media the following day.

The newly-appointed IMA President Dr Abhijit Bishnoi revealed that the violence erupted between former President Dr Amarendra Pandey and members of the IMA Gwalior.

It occurred during the welcome speech.

To begin with, the doctors of IMA Gwalior had a verbal disagreement prior to Dr Pandey’s welcoming speech on stage.

Shortly after, a group of doctors emerged onto the stage and the confrontation continued before turning physical.

In the video footage, Dr Pandey, who is wearing an orange button-up shirt, is standing on stage making a welcome speech to a conference of doctors.

Dr Pandey is soon interrupted when a doctor wearing a black waistcoat attempts to verbally challenge him and comes very close to Dr Pandey’s face.

The bust-up at the IMA meeting finally erupts when a swarm of doctors come to blows with Dr Pandey – video footage shows a group of men heckling the doctor to the ground.

Meanwhile, others in attendance try to calm the situation down.

State President of IMA, Dr RK Pathak said:

“An annual provincial executive meeting of IMA was organised here on Sunday. Our representatives from the entire state took part in it.

“During the meeting, the IMA president of the Jabalpur branch was delivering the welcome speech.

“In the meantime, a few representatives present there got agitated about his welcome speech and they reached the stage.

“They had a dispute and then had manhandled Jabalpur IMA President.”

Dr Pathak went on to explain what happened in the immediate aftermath.

“It is a very sad incident and it should not be repeated in the future.

“After the dispute, all the members of the IMA sat together and discussed that if there is any mistake then they are sorry for that.

“We will make sure on behalf of the IMA Madhya Pradesh branch that such an incident should not happen again.”

The president of IMA emphasised that a thorough investigation into the incident will be carried out in due course:

“A committee will be formed to investigate the matter and action will be taken accordingly.”

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