Hussain Rehar reacts to Backlash over Fashion Collection

Pakistani fashion designer Hussain Rehar introduced his fashion collection only for it to draw controversy. He has now responded.

Hussain Rehar reacts to Backlash over Fashion Collection

"it draws inspiration from the fashion trends of the 90s"

Pakistani designer Hussain Rehar has spoken about the meaning behind his new collection ‘Parday Ke Peechay’.

The word Pardah has two meanings, one of which is a veil, and the other is curtain.

Hussain clarified that the translation of his collection was supposed to be “Behind the Curtain”.

Hussain came under fire when he introduced his new collection.

One image featured a model with her head covered but she bared her midriff.

Hussain Rehar reacts to Backlash over Fashion Collection f

Addressing the issue on Instagram, Hussain Rehar wrote:

“First and foremost, I want to clarify that this collection is purely an expression of art and fashion, and it was never intended to be associated with any religious aspects.

“The name ‘Parday Ke Peechay’ was chosen to signify ‘Behind the Curtain’, the aim is to showcase the chaos and hard work that goes behind the scenes to create something new and beautiful.

“It was never meant to reference the concept of a veil or any religious symbolism and it draws inspiration from the fashion trends of the 90s, allowing for a unique expression of one’s fashion vocabulary.”

He supported his statement by posting photographs of actresses such as Rekha, Aishwarya Rai and Sridevi, who were modelling the same fashion.

Hussain continued: “My primary objective with this collection is to represent Pakistan’s rich fashion heritage and celebrate the country’s creativity and artistry.

“I aspire to showcase Pakistan’s cultural diversity, not only at the national level, but also in the global fashion world.”

“By blending elements from the past with a contemporary touch, I hope to contribute positively to the global fashion landscape.”

He also thanked everyone for their support and interest in his work and stated that he felt fashion was a form of self-expression.

The lengthy post was met with many messages of encouragement from his followers.

One follower said: “You didn’t need to explain yourself, but the fact that you did says so much about you.”

Another said: “I don’t know why people always involve religion into everything.

“It’s a piece of art so one should analyse it accordingly, and as usual you have done it beautifully.”

One fan advised Hussain to brace himself for such controversy and negativity.

However, in the sea of positive messages, there were commentators who also called out the designer for his portrayal of nudity in the name of fashion.

One person said: “Do you think nudity is the culture of Pakistan?? Bring out something without nudity.”

Another commented: “See-through clothes are hardly our heritage, but ok, say what you need to in order to get out of the s*** you’re in.”

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