Mukesh Khanna reacts to Backlash against MeToo Comments

Controversial actor Mukesh Khanna has defended his recent MeToo movement comments which were interpreted as sexist causing major backlash.

Mukesh Khanna reacts to Backlash against MeToo Comments f

"I am surprised that one of my statements is being taken wrongly."

Actor Mukesh Khanna has landed himself in trouble with his recent sexist MeToo comments which caused major backlash.

The actor recently expressed his views about the MeToo movement saying:

”MeToo movement began because women started working” and “that there are gender roles that should stay as it is. A woman’s job is to manage the house and women should not try to be like men.”

Now, Mukesh Khanna has reacted to the backlash he received for his comments. He defended himself stating his views have been misinterpreted.

The actor took to Instagram to share a video in which he explained his stance on the recent controversy. He captioned it:

“I am not against Women Working. As I said let me show you my full interview taken by someone from which this Vivadit Bayan has been taken to malign me that I mean This which I don’t mean.

“I was just commenting on how MeToo can happen. You can see yourself in this interview how I respect women.”

Further clarifying his stance on his MeToo comments, Mukesh Khanna explained that he is concerned about the safety of women.

He said:

“I am surprised that one of my statements is being taken wrongly. I’m being told I am against women. Hardly anyone would have the respect I have for women.

“I am concerned about the safety of women. I have spoken against every rape case. Some people have made a noise about the clipping of one of my interviews.

“I never said that women should not work. I was just telling how MeToo starts.”

“In our country, women have made their way into every field, everywhere women have waved their glory. So how can I be against working for a woman?”

Mukesh Khanna further added:

“In that interview, I was merely highlighting the issues that can arise from women working outside the home. I was talking about male and female dharma that has been going on for thousands of years.

“My last forty years, my film journey confirms that I have always respected women. Every artist or member of every film unit knows that I have always respected everyone.”

Mukesh Khanna ended the video saying:

“If any woman has been hurt by this statement, I am sorry that I could not put my point correctly. I am not worried that the female community will turn against me.”


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