First Baby Girl of Indian Family brought Home in Helicopter

The first baby girl born in 35 years within an Indian family in Rajasthan was celebrated by having a helicopter fly the infant home.

First Girl of the Family Brought Home in Helicopter- f

"we should all be happy when a daughter is born."

The first baby girl born in an Indian family in decades got special treatment as she was brought home in a helicopter.

The newborn’s grandparents organised a helicopter to bring the baby to her home in Rajasthan.

In the village of Nimbdi Chandawata, many children belonging to the family were born but none of them were girls.

But after 35 years, the family were blessed with a baby girl.

To mark such an occasion, the baby’s grandfather decided to celebrate the blessing by welcoming her home in a helicopter.

The infant was born in her maternal grandparent’s home on February 2, 2021.

She was brought to her paternal grandparent’s home on April 21, 2021.

The helicopter travelled from one home to another in just 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, residents of Nimbdi Chandawata gathered outside to watch the helicopter fly over and land. They also tried to catch a glimpse of the baby girl.

The infant’s father, Hanuman Ram Prajapat, got off the helicopter holding his baby daughter in his arms.

He expressed his joy and said:

“By bringing my two-month-old daughter in a helicopter, we want to tell everyone that the birth of a daughter is an occasion that should be celebrated like a festival.

“Instead of feeling sad, we should all be happy when a daughter is born.”

The Preparations

This extraordinary celebration cost the family Rs 4.5 lakh (£4,300), however, they spared no expense to express their joy.

The family had to obtain permission from the district collector to fly a helicopter.

Upon approval from the authorities, the family built helipads in both maternal and paternal villages of the baby.

Upon arrival, parents and the child were showered with flowers and welcomed with music, songs as they landed on the ground.

The baby was then taken home in a ceremonial style with a band playing along the path.

She also received a warm welcome upon reaching home by all family members and people of the village. The baby was named Riya.

Many people particularly in rural India hold the conservative mindset and do not celebrate the birth of a baby girl.

Gender disclosure through ultrasound is banned due to the high rate of abortion after the gender is revealed.

This family despite being from rural India has set a great example of how to celebrate the birth of a baby girl.

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Images courtesy of The New Indian Express