Nish Kumar calls PM a ‘White Man brought down by Asians’

In reaction to Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak resigning, comedian Nish Kumar claimed the PM is a “white man brought down by Asians”.

Nish Kumar calls PM a 'White Man brought down by Asians' f

"I love to see a rich white man brought down by Asians.”

Comedian Nish Kumar went viral after claiming Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a “white man brought down by Asians”.

His tweet was in relation to Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid both resigning.

On July 5, 2022, the PM admitted that he made a mistake in appointing MP Chris Pincher as deputy chief whip in February 2022 after it was alleged that the MP groped two men.

Shortly after, Health Secretary Sajid Javid resigned, saying that the country needs a “strong and principled Conservative party”.

In his letter to Mr Johnson, Mr Javid said he could “no longer, in good conscience, continue serving in this government”.

Mr Javid referenced the PM’s tones and values reflecting “on your colleagues, your party and ultimately the country”.

Moments later, Chancellor Rishi Sunak quit, tweeting:

“The public rightly expect government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously.

“I recognise this may be my last ministerial job, but I believe these standards are worth fighting for and that is why I am resigning.”

Many people over the UK reacted to the news and comedian Nish Kumar took to Twitter to outline his views.

He jokingly said: “Balancing out the fact that I can’t stand Javid or Sunak with the fact that I love to see a rich white man brought down by Asians.”

Nish’s comments have since been retweeted over 2,000 times and liked more than 32,000 times.

However, some Twitter users criticised the comedian, accusing his comment of being racist.

One person questioned: “I’m no expert, admittedly, but is that not racist?

“I’m just thinking about it from the other way around, and I’m pretty sure it would be.”

Another wrote: “How is this not racism? Why on earth bring people’s skin colour into it? Disgusting.”

A third commented:

“That’s a bit racist isn’t it. But I suppose being against a white person you think it’s ok.”

Regular GB News commentator Mahyar Tousi called Nish a “vile racist bigot”.

Some found the tweet funny while also hitting out at those who found the comment offensive.

After one person asked why Nish had to “make it about race”, another user replied:

“To wind up those with a humour bypass and giving us a further laugh at their outraged responses. Thanks for playing along.”

One person also wrote: “The amount of people offended by this is brilliant.”

Nish Kumar later questioned those who praised Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid for quitting.

Sanjeev Bhaskar had also reacted to the news, writing:

“Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak resigned! Desis out the door!

“What was in their paranthas this morning?

“Seems like operation big dog or dead dog or whatever hasn’t really gone to plan. Unless this was the plan?”

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