Indian Man dies while having Sex with Girlfriend

In a strange incident, a 28-year-old Indian man died at a lodge in Saoner, Maharashtra, while having sex with his girlfriend.

Indian Man dies while having Sex with Girlfriend f

"No drug wrappers or packets were found on him."

An Indian man died whilst having sex with his girlfriend at a lodge in Saoner, Maharashtra.

The man has been identified as 28-year-old Ajay Parteki, a resident of Nagpur.

Police believe Ajay suffered a cardiac arrest as they could not find any evidence that he consumed any drugs.

His family told officers that he had been suffering from a fever.

Ajay worked as a driver but he also had a part-time job as a welding technician.

He had been in a relationship with a 23-year-old nurse for three years, having met through Facebook.

Ajay had approached the young woman’s mother, asking for her approval to marry her daughter. The couple were set to marry in the future.

Police said the couple checked into the lodge at 4 pm on July 3, 2022. The couple were having sex but around 30 minutes later, Ajay collapsed on the bed.

The woman alerted staff members and her boyfriend was taken to hospital, however, he was declared dead.

The woman told Assistant Police Inspector (API) Satish Patil, of Saoner Police Station, that Ajay collapsed while they were having sex.

API Patil said: “We found no evidence the victim had consumed any medicine. No drug wrappers or packets were found on him.

“The woman too said he did not consume anything in her presence.”

Blood samples were sent for chemical analysis. A post-mortem said that based on first impressions, Ajay died due to a cardiac arrest.

Cardiologist Dr Anand Sancheti said that suffering a cardiac arrest during sex is rare but possible.

He said: “An undiagnosed coronary artery disease can be fatal even in youngsters as young as their mid-20s.

“We are finding more blockages in youths nowadays.

“If someone has an untreated coronary artery disease, it can prove fatal during strenuous activities like sex.”

Dr Sancheti urged for the baseline age for heart checkups to be 25 years old, referencing Ajay’s case.

Dr Sancheti also explained that there is a heightened requirement of blood and oxygen for the heart muscles during strenuous activities, which can be fatal if not met.

He pointed out the fact that people suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which causes the walls of the left ventricle to become thicker than normal, can also die during activities like sex.

Dr Sancheti added: “The heart rate and blood pressure increase during sexual activities, which could lead to death.”

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