Comedian Nish Kumar gets Booed Off Stage at Charity Lunch

Nish Kumar performed a comedy set at the Lord’s Taverners charity lunch. However, the event became chaotic when Kumar was booed off stage.

Comedian Nish Kumar gets Booed Off Stage at Charity Lunch f

"that was disgraceful and there was no need for it"

The Lord’s Taverners Christmas lunch descended into chaos when Nish Kumar was booed off stage and even had a bread roll hurled at him.

At the event in Grosvenor House, Park Lane, the comedian saw his set cut short after some members of the audience were not happy with his comments on the UK’s political situation.

Kumar was met with boos and calls for him to leave when he gave his opinions on several issues including Brexit.

Witnesses said that Nish told the audience that he would not be going anywhere.

However, one person persuaded the comedian to leave the stage. During the incident, it was reported that a bread roll was thrown.

BBC Radio One DJ and Lord’s Taverners ambassador Greg James intervened and slammed the person responsible for throwing the bread roll.

Witnesses said: “He had a pop and rightly so – that was disgraceful and there was no need for it, regardless of what was going on. At one point there was even a slow hand clap. It was just terrible.”

Nish Kumar began his set with a few race-related jokes, which went down well. But his Brexit-based material was met with shouts of “stop the political stuff.”

Other guests at the annual charity event agreed that Nish should have been booed off the stage.

One person tweeted: “Loveliest afternoon at Lord’s Taverners Xmas Lunch.

“What perfectly gorgeous people, and definitely made some new friends.

“Shame about that t*** Nish Kumar who wouldn’t know funny if it slapped him in the face. Otherwise, excellent company & an awesome day.”

Taverners member Mike Fitchett said:

“Harry Redknapp was tremendous and we were having a really good day, as we always do.

“Then this man, who is supposed to be a comedian, gets up and delivers what could only be described as a political speech.”

Mr Fitchett went on to say: “He should have just left the stage but he refused to do so.

“This was not at all what our organisation is about. These were extreme, far-left political views and we are a charity.

“It was all very offensive and I shall be writing to our chief executive to make my feelings clear.”

An unnamed audience member explained: “The Taverners got it totally wrong.

“I’ve been going for years and I have never seen anything like it. The man was just not suitable and it wasn’t the place for him to air his views, which were basically a lefty slant on politics and Brexit.

“It left a very bad taste. He was booed and came off stage early despite threatening to carry on.”

The Daily Mail reported that after he was convinced to leave, Nish Kumar was met with boos but there was also some applause.

The Lord’s Taverners was established in 1950 at the Tavern pub at Lord’s cricket ground.

It is an annual charity event where the proceeds go towards providing opportunities for young people in the UK living in poverty or with a disability to engage with sport.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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