Emmerdale’s Caleb Miligan & Amit Sharma launch Revenge Plot

Emmerdale viewers were stunned as warring businessmen Caleb Miligan and Amit Sharma teamed up to hunt down the thugs who attacked their sons.

Emmerdale's Caleb Miligan & Amit Sharma launch Revenge Plot f

“Looks like we’re in business."

Caleb Miligan and Amit Sharma left Emmerdale viewers stunned as they teamed up to launch a revenge plot against the homophobic thugs who attacked their sons Nicky and Suni.

Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) reconciled with Nicky Miligan (Lewis Cope) just moments before they were attacked in a homophobic hate crime.

The police wrongly suspected Ethan Anderson (Emile John) and he was arrested.

In the December 4, 2023, episode, the investigating detective took an official statement from Suni.

Suni insisted: “I want to do this. I want to tell her what happened.”

He admitted that he had called Mike a “pig” before the attack. Suni then detailed the pain of being kicked “over and over again”.

Suni added: “If it wasn’t for Ethan… he put himself in danger, so instead of picking on him, what are you going to do about the thugs who put me in here?”

Nicky and Suni’s businessmen fathers, who have been at odds with each other, feel the police are not doing enough.

Caleb (William Ash) and Amit (Anil Goutam) have now put their differences aside to hunt down the thugs.

At the Woolpack pub, Caleb told Amit:

“I talked to Ethan just before, they sounded like a bunch of animals.

“I don’t want to involve him directly but they all got a good look at them, especially the ringleader.

“Nicky got a better look than Suni. I know someone in the police, so they’ll have records and will have taken names. If we know who they are.”

But Amit said he was not in the best condition to take on the group of attackers.

“When I get out of the car, it takes me a few seconds to straighten up. I’m no Amir Khan.”

Caleb replied: “You still managed to thump my son though, didn’t you?

“Look, we’ll be careful. And yeah, we can do it. For Suni and the next lad that gets on the wrong side of them on a night out.”

But as the men plotted, Ethan handed over a piece of paper with one of the attacker’s names – Mike Wentworth.

Caleb said: “Looks like we’re in business.”

The unlikely alliance left Emmerdale viewers in shock, with one commenting:

“Ooohhh look at the Emmerdale avengers assembling for revenge.”

Another said: “Oh boy. Here comes the revenge train.”

However, others predicted a further twist in the plot.

One said: “I’m still convinced Amit set up that beating but was meant for Nicky, not his own son. 100% convinced.”

Another wrote: “Amit looks like he is hiding something, I don’t trust him.”

A third commented: “Why am I thinking Jai’s dad is behind Suni’s attack?

“He’s acting shifty when police want a statement from Suni… remember he is a homophobic.”

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