Chennai Express ~ Review

King Khan is back in new action-packed Rohit Shetty Masala romcom, Chennai Express! Our Bollywood film reviewer, Faisal Saif provides the low-down on the story, performances, direction and music. Find out if it is one to watch or give a miss.

Chennai Express

And the wait is finally over for all the SRK and Chennai Express fans who were waiting for the movie to hit cinemas. Chennai Express has been the most awaited film for various reasons.

A special reason which embarked a few days back, was King Khan’s ‘Friendship-Hug’ to fellow superstar Salman Khan in a function. So not only SRK fans watches Chennai Express, but the film will (definitely) have Salman Khan fans watching it too.

Chennai Express

The film’s story has been told many times earlier. Rahul (played by Shahrukh Khan) is a 40-year-old man who goes on a journey to a town in Tamil Nadu to fulfil the last wish of his grandfather (played by Lekh Tandon) to have his ashes immersed in Rameshwaram.

On his way, he stumbles upon a South Indian girl Meenamma a.k.a Meena (played by Deepika Padukone). Meena wants to flee from the clutches of her father (played by Sathyaraj) who wants her to get married to a person she doesn’t love Thangaballi (played by Nikitin Dheer).

The story of the film is good but has been told earlier many times.
Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone both rocks, other cast is also good especially Sathyaraj.
Rohit Shetty is back in his banging style with SRK.
The camera work and production values are amazing. However, the editing part is weak and drags.
The music of the film is good and has already became a chart-buster.
Board Chennai Express blindly for a fantastic entertainment. Review Scores by Faisal Saif

Meena is being escorted back home by four beefy cousins after a failed attempt to flee her village. Rahul is caught in the game that the girl decides to play with her father.

As I mentioned earlier, the film’s story has been told several times by various film makers. What makes the movie special here is the finest execution by Rohit Shetty who is the ‘King’ of Masala Pot Boilers.

Shahrukh Khan as Rahul is simply amazing. Once again, the King Khan goes on to prove that he is just unbeatable. Especially when he opens up his stretch-arms (the SRK trademark). So in that case, welcome back to the world of ‘Badshah’.

Deepika Padukone is India’s finest actress and we cannot deny this fact. But with her Chennai Express character, she will steal your heart and make you fall in love with her again and again.

Sathyaraj in his first Hindi film is just awesome. Back home in South, Sathyaraj is considered a legend. Nikitin Dheer, Mukesh Tiwari and others land in with a good support.

Yes, this is an out-and-out Rohit Shetty masala entertainer with his own trademark. The flying bodies and cars that the director has a penchant for, Rohit Shetty is undisputed.

People may also say that this is Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge in a Rohit Shetty style, but I will say this a Romantic Action adventure from the director who just know how to entertain a common man.

The production value and camera-work is top notch. Music wise, the film’s songs are already a chart-buster. Editing is a little weak and drags in many parts. Especially two songs in the second half looked forceful.

My final words for Chennai Express? Board this train (blindly) as this is the only entertainer which has arrived after a long time.

Faisal Saif is our Bollywood film reviewer and Journalist from B-Town. He has huge passion for everything Bollywood and adores its magic on and off screen. His motto is to "Stand unique and tell Bollywood Stories in a Different Way."