Netizens express Fury over ‘Gulabi Chai’

A Delhi tea stall vendor has gone viral after he was filmed serving ‘Gulabi chai’. Social media users reacted to the video.

Netizens express Fury over ‘Gulabi Chai’ - f

"I would not go anywhere near it.”

Netizens are less than impressed with a viral video in which a Delhi tea stall vendor adds rose syrup to a pot of boiling milk.

Popular Instagram bloggers ‘Chatore Broothers’ visited the tea stall in Delhi and tried the ‘gulabi chai’.

In the video, which has amassed over 193,000 likes and 1,000 comments, the tea vendor can be seen adding concentrated rose syrup into a pot of boiling milk.

The vendor also adds tea leaves before mixing the chai.

He then pours the tea into a paper cup, ready to be served.

One of the bloggers is seen taking a small sip of the ‘gulabi chai’, only to recoil and spill the rest of the tea on the ground.

Several social media users left their reactions in the comments section of the viral video.

Whilst some applauded the blogger for trying the ‘gulabi chai’, many netizens shared their disgust.

One user said: “This looks absolutely disgusting. Why on earth would anyone want to drink this?

“I really don’t understand this culture of mixing random food combinations just because it looks pretty and to be posted on Instagram.”

Another added: “That man is very brave for giving the tea a chance. I would not go anywhere near it.”

A third commented: “Well done. You have managed to ruin the nation’s favourite drink. Shame on you.”

Many social users also slammed the blogger for spilling the tea on the ground as one person commented:

“Wasting food for views? Some people in the world barely have enough to survive.”

Another added: “Yeah it’s gross, but you shouldn’t have thrown it like that, that’s an absolute disrespect.”

The ‘Chatore Broothers’ similarly received criticism after they shared a video where they were seen eating golgappa with an orange-flavoured soft drink.

The video is believed to have been filmed in Jaipur, Rajasthan and has received more than 200,000 likes.

This is not the first time that rose syrup has been used as part of a bizarre food combination.

In an Instagram video posted by blogger Arjun Chauhan, a street vendor in Delhi was seen serving Maggi noodles topped with syrup.


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The vendor in Delhi was seen making Maggi in the usual way, adding the masala mix to the instant noodles.

However, instead of serving as it is or adding chopped vegetables or an egg, he topped it with rose syrup.

Although the food blogger doesn’t review the dish, his expression is a big giveaway.

As the video went viral, people were annoyed with the vendor and slammed him for “ruining Maggi”, while others questioned why the blogger tried it in the first place.

The video started a conversation about how bloggers should ignore “crazy food combinations” so that street vendors do not join the trend of creating dishes purely for social media.

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