10 Best Benefits of Rose Water

Rose water has properties to amplify your skin, hair, health and food. It is anti-ageing, anti-bacterial and so much more!

10 Best Benefits of Rose Water f

“Has the ability to make you look like a Goddess”

Rose water which is created from rose petals has several incredible benefits which you need to know about.

Rose scent is iconic. Shakespeare eloquently summed up its main trait in one simple sentence:

“A rose by any other name will be just as sweet”.

Roses have been revered for their beauty, their scent and their deep colours, which seemingly become classy no matter which end of the rainbow it calls home.

The flower has travelled many miles over thousands of years, materialising in myths, having been said to be created by the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite.

Rose petals coronated Cleopatra who made grand entrances casting rose petals everywhere in the hope she would be known as the queen who smelt of roses.

They were also a sight to behold as they decorated the public parks of Rome.

Across the pond, so to speak, roses dance over wedding festivals, being prominent across South Asia.

As well as floating its way into wrapping freshly washed laundry with their iconic scent before settling in to be used in food flavouring.

In Europe, roses appear in perfume, cleansers and shampoo.

Although roses make stunning decorations, rose water is where the magic happens. Rose water is ideal for your skin, for your hair and your health.

Rose water is a product of distilling rose petals, but can be made using essential oils, dried petals or fresh petals.

To unlock more of its secrets, DESIblitz has compiled ten benefits of rose water.


10 Best Benefits of Rose Water - spray2

According to a 2019 study, rose water is anti-inflammatory. It has the ability to reduce redness from any part of your body, and calm down all swelling.

So for skin problems like eczema, it works wonderfully, soothing the skin when it flares up and allowing for a cool sensation to overtake. It will also leave you smelling heavenly.

Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, it can also be used as a method of reducing puffy skin, especially around the eyes resulting in a fresh ‘I didn’t wake up 20 minutes ago’ face.

To utilise this natural gift, pour rose water into a mist bottle and spritz first thing in the morning or just before going to sleep. For deep results, open your pores via steam, then apply a light mist of rose water.

Acne Banisher & Reverses the Years

10 Best Benefits of Rose Water - spray

Rose water contains anti-bacterial and anti-ageing properties. It smells divine and has the ability to make you look like a Goddess.

Rose water can be used to reduce the signs of acne. It’s a popular product used in face washes and can be used daily at no harm to yourself.

It can shapeshift into being a toner, a cleanser, a make-up remover or just a plain old facewash.

It will reduce lines and wrinkles, leaving clear and tight skin as its parting present, so you’ll love to keep inviting it.

So strip the excess chemicals from your face and try something a little more natural. You may see better results.

For a shallow benefit use rose water as a mist on clean skin or use it in larger quantities.

Eye Opener

10 Best Benefits of Rose Water - eyes

Using rose water in your eyes sounds like something you wouldn’t really consider. But, why not? It has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.

A winning combination! It helps your internal health as well as your external health so it shouldn’t be too surprising, right?

Grab a spare dropper, soak up some rose water and drip into your eye. Please be aware of allergies, and if you are taking medication, check with your doctor.

If everything is okay, watch it fight conditions like conjunctivitis, dry eyes, acute dacryocystitis, and eye conditions which are degenerative even cataracts.

Antiseptic and Anti-Bacterial

10 Best Benefits of Rose Water - rose

Prior to this little secret, rose water was exposed to have anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties. Now, we can reveal, it can treat the little things.

Because of its antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory factors, it can help heal certain wounds, scars, and even a sore throat! For a little extra care, add honey.

Combined with anti-inflammatory factors, rose water is ideal as something to have in the house to use in a pinch, or even something to use as a way to find alternative uses to your rose petals, making sure nothing gets wasted.

Please do not use rose water as a substitute for medical products, be aware of allergies and always double-check what you’re buying.

An Ode to Shiny Hair

10 Best Benefits of Rose Water - hair

Four pointers, all for the skin. Now, we delve deeper to look at the hair.

Rose water can be used to banish dandruff, making it an excellent substitute to use as a hair rinse.

Rose water contains antioxidant properties helping to reduce dandruff, even having the ability to help reduce oiliness in your hair. It can make hair look less greasy, shinier and way healthier. Almost reflective.

Using it as a rinse gives way to a shine like no other. However, make sure to shampoo your hair, condition and then use it as a rinse after everything else. Top tip, for extra shine, rinse with cold water then rose water.

Frizz Begone!

10 Best Benefits of Rose Water - hair-2

If you struggle with one too many fly-aways, or even humidity frizz (or just plain frizz), many people swear on the ability of rose water to calm down your hair.

This is a home remedy, recommended not by professionals, but real-life people. No risk, no reward. So take a shot, it may work for you!

It can help tame curly hair after it’s had a bit too much fun in the wind, or even if it is just pulling a strop.

Using it as a mist has dual benefits, with rose water being safe for skin and hair, it is essential in your daily routine.

Relieves Headaches

10 Best Benefits of Rose Water - headache

As many people are aware, rose is a popular scent in aromatherapy. Its deep, inviting aroma has fostered a healthy, relaxed environment to do what you need to do to become serene.

Aromatherapy promotes a relaxing environment, where people can de-stress and meditate, or even work in a little yoga.

But did you know its scent can also be used to relieve headaches and migraines?

Dabbing rose water on a cloth and placing it on your head helps reduces tension and relieves pain, helping to alleviate the symptoms of a migraine.

Of course, do not use it as an alternative to pain killers, but having that extra step leaves a fresh face with a relaxing scent.

Enhances Mood


Rose is distinguishable for its alluring scent. The flower is used to represent love, romance and passion. It promotes happiness and serenity.

The scent alone can help reduce stress, and help treat a number of mental health issues including depression and anxiety!

Putting just a few drops of rose water on your pillows can lead to a night of deep and easy sleep, a must-have if you suffer from restless nights.

All you really have to do is inhale rose water vapours or drink some rose water. It may even work if you place roses in your room.

Not only do roses look great, but it will provide a world of benefits whilst adding class to your space.

Flavour Amplifier

10 Best Benefits of Rose Water - water

Rose water is very popular in countries such as India and Pakistan for its sweet flavour. It is trendy in foods like gulab jamun, rooh afza for milkshakes or even rose flavoured drinks.

But even having a smidge of rose water in your porridge enhances the flavour and mixed with honey? It’s a dream come true.

Of course, its fragrant taste is loved in falooda, lassi, rice pudding and Turkish delights.

Now that you think about it, it’s so widely used in food and drinks, even making a cup of tea with cardamoms and rose water is popular in Iran!

Help with Digestion

10 Best Benefits of Rose Water - drink

So, the next time you add a ton of rose water into your food, you can also thank it for helping with your digestion.

Rose water acts as a laxative, to help with issues like constipation and leave a healthy digestion system in its wake.

Listed above are the 10 amazing benefits of rose water, from your skin to your hair, to your health.

This is an amazing product from a popular flower which can leave you feeling as sweet as a rose.

As this is a natural product, be wary of any allergies and double-check with doctors before use.

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