Asim Riaz says ‘Rigged’ Bigg Boss Makers didn’t want him to Win

In an interview, Asim Riaz claimed ‘Bigg Boss 13’ was rigged and that the makers took measures to ensure that he did not win.

Asim Riaz says 'Rigged' Bigg Boss Makers didn't want him to Win f

"just say you don’t want to make me win"

Asim Riaz opened up about his time on Bigg Boss 13 and made some hard-hitting allegations against the makers, including that they did not want him to win.

The model sat down with Siddharth Kannan for a detailed interview.

During the interview, Asim spoke about the late Sidharth Shukla and claimed the Bigg Boss 13 makers did not want him to win the reality show.

Asim told Siddharth: “During my journey what they did, because they didn’t want me to win.

“They opened online voting and said, make whoever you want win.

“Come on man, just say you don’t want to make me win, it’s okay.

“You made it that obvious that we had to believe that you did whatever and I was like it’s okay.”

The portion of the interview went viral and led to a mixture of responses.

Some criticised Asim, accusing him of not moving on and aiming a dig at Sidharth Shukla, who won the series.

One user asked: “He needs some help… like what is this behaviour.”

Another said: “Have seen many Bigg Boss contestants but what kind of arrogance is this man?

“He is frustrated and needs help. He can’t digest that people are more successful than him.”

But many praised him, stating that he has exposed Bigg Boss and silenced his haters.

One said: “Asim Riaz has completely exposed Bigg Boss and Colors Channel, brother has told everything, how was it cheated in the voting.”

Another said: “This interview is the best ever. Man he just destroyed all his haters and doubters and exposed the s**t of the industry.”

A third wrote:

“It really takes courage to say the truth. His interview was about his journey and his struggles as an outsider.”

“It was an unfiltered interview and it’s pathetic that people are manipulating his statements and defaming him. Stop judging.”

Asim Riaz’s interview led to ‘ASIM’s IV EXPOSED HYPOCRITES’ trending on Twitter.

He also spoke about Sidharth Shukla and said he had a dream about him the day before his sudden death.

Asim said: “He came in my dream bro, I swear. I knew it before (it happened).

“I had a call from one of my cousins, Ruhaan called me up, he asked me to switch on the news, he didn’t tell me because he knows how emotional and how sensitive I am.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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