Anil Kapoor commits a ‘Crime’ on his Wedding Anniversary

Actor Anil Kapoor has confessed to committing a crime during his wedding anniversary and must now pay the consequences. Let’s find out what happened.

Anil Kapoor commits a ‘Crime’ on his Wedding Anniversary f

"Now I must do the time"

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor celebrated his 36th wedding anniversary with his wife Sunita Kapoor but confessed to committing a crime on the same day.

The couple, who share three children, celebrated their wedding anniversary on May 19, 2020.

During this joyous occasion, Anil Kapoor decided to throw his diet out the window for a day and let himself loose to binge on the cakes.

Taking to Twitter, Anil shared a video of his workout routine with the caption:

“I enjoyed committing the crime – eating all the anniversary cakes … now I must do the time and burn off those calories!”

Anil Kapoor commits a ‘Crime’ on his Wedding Anniversary - now

Recently, Anil shared details of his love story with his wife Sunita, revealed how he proposed to her and aspects of their wedding anniversary.

Anil disclosed how he proposed to Sunita after signing his blockbuster film, Meri Jung (1985).

The actor took to Twitter to share a video recounting his precious memories leading up to his proposal. He said:

“Oh god, I was so stressed. I kept postponing and postponing. A time came when I had to choose career or love. I chose love and I proposed to her on May 19 (1984).”

Anil also disclosed details about their spontaneous intimate wedding in an Instagram post. He wrote:

“How 19th May became the best day of our lives!”

“I proposed to my girlfriend Sunita and asked her to be my wife.

“Our wedding had been delayed a lot because I wanted to be sure that I could take care of her in the way she deserved and give her everything she could dream of … in the very least, I needed to be able to afford to buy a house and hire a cook!!

“I just wanted to be worthy of her … we got married on 19th May, against all odds.”

Anil Kapoor commits a ‘Crime’ on his Wedding Anniversary - wedding

Anil continued to recall the moment he entered Sunita’s house on their wedding day. He said:

“I still remember when I entered her house on our wedding day and saw my bride, she was smiling and I had tears in my eyes … tears of happiness, but also nervousness.

“I mean it was my wedding day! Our wedding was planned and executed within a day and yes, we may not have had a big wedding or even a honeymoon, which she still teases me about, but it was still the best thing that ever happened to me.

“It was now or never for us and I’m so glad we took the leap of faith that day and started our lives together.”

Anil further acknowledged how people warned him against marrying so young because it would tarnish his acting career. He said:

“Many people prophesied that marrying so early would be disastrous for my career, but all I knew was that I did not want to waste another day without her and wanted her to be by my side through it all.

“For us it was never career or love … it was always love AND career.

“I won’t say in the end we lived happily ever after … because it is not even close to the end of our love story.

“We still have a lot of love to share together, forever.”

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