Outrageously Lavish Desi Wedding Cakes you Have to See

One big reason for attending a Desi wedding has to be for the food and cake! We present a selection of outrageous yet lavish Desi wedding cakes.

"A red cake can have a spicy side to it as it represents passion."

Over the years Desi wedding cakes have become more expensive, more exaggerated and more extravagant.

Gone are the days for small 2 tier cakes. In contemporary times cakes have more than five tiers.

Cakes are topped with hundreds of fresh flowers or a beautiful birdcage inspired entrance where the cake sits.

Some cakes even descend from the ceiling to entertain the guests and create a wow factor. Celebrity culture tends to inspire Desi brides and grooms when selecting their wedding cakes. 

Bollywood weddings do influence outfits, wedding styles and of course cakes too.

An average wedding cake can cost between £500-£7000 plus. But some of the Desi wedding cakes being made are very much exceeding this price-range.

As you increase more detail and originality to the cake, the more money it will cost you.

We have found some cake designs which are lavish, different and outrageous at the same time:

Greys, Cream, Lavender and Sparkle

desi weddding cakes - sonam kapoor

Veere Di Wedding actress Sonam Kapoor tied the knot to long-time beau Anand Ahuja in a grand celebration alongside her many Bollywood celebrity pals.

Celebrations hit off with a bang and the couple celebrated their union with all the rituals and functions. This included a sangeet, mehndi, the wedding ceremony and finally the reception.

The glamourous reception was highly talked about not only because of the high fashion and the bride and groom but for their wedding cake as well.desi wedding cakes sonam kapoor cuts

The cake consisted of six glamorous tiers which were crafted by pastry chef Pooja Dhingra from Le 15 Patisserie.

The overall colour scheme of the cake included cream, greys and lavender, with each layer handcrafted to perfection.

One of the unique factors of this cake was the fourth tier of cake which was decorated with small macarons. This was along the perimeter of the cake, which was splattered with small splashes of edible paint.

The estimated cost of Sonam’s cake is reported to be $70,000 (approx. £53,8100).

Florally Beautiful

desi wedding cakes - florally beautiful

This cake is incredible for its floral appeal. It simply oozes the hard work gone into creating it in terms of the decorations and splendour.

It is a 23-tier cake which was placed on a fountain with a waterfall flowing at the bottom of the cake.

Candles were placed all around this huge and gorgeously outrageous cake for a romantic finish.

The floral intricacy and attention to detail with the two birds towards the top, portray the beautiful intimacy of the lavish Desi wedding.

Cake designs like this are definitely becoming the focal point of Desi weddings and it looks like the grander they are, the bigger the impact.

Star-studded and Heavy

desi wedding cakes - arpita khan

Dabangg star Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan had a star-studded wedding and the cake was beyond expectations. 

The cake was made from six beautiful layers weighing a whopping 150kg.

Made by celebrity pastry chef Pooja Dhingra, the cake had a special team of people working on its very intricate minute detailing.

The cake was flown from Mumbai to Hyderabad and assembled at the venue, the Falaknuma Palace.

The cake was decorated with gold macarons and sugar flowers, added by golden foil embossed with the initials of the bride and groom.

Eiffel Tower Cake

desi wedding cakes - eiffel tower

When the Eiffel Tower cannot come to you, you bring the Eiffel Tower to your Desi wedding!

This incredible and outrageous cake was designed and created for this couple Niharika and Chirag by the Indian Cake Design company.

The tiers of the cake are inspired and constructed in the structure of the iconic French tower in Paris.

Each cake tier is then made in a square form to hold up the next level of the tower.

This is a very ingenious way of creating an iconic cake for a Desi wedding with a difference.

Elephant Cake

desi wedding cakes elephant cake

This animal inspired cake has thas three elephants on it. Working from the bottom, the size of the elephants go from big, medium and finally small at the top.

Using a pastel shade, this minimalist cake is designed with simplicity in mind.

This cake is popular in some South Asian cultures, with the elephant being classed as a sacred and gentle creature.

The elephant cake is common at Indian weddings.

Grand in Purple and Pink

desi wedding cakes - twenty-four

This super grand cake is a 24-tier cake which is set on a four floral structure.

Using the theme colours of purple and pink this incredible and lush looking cake took up most of the dance floor at a Desi wedding.

This gorgeous cake is of a shape where the tiers in the bottom half are resting on the fours. They meet the central part where it changes to a single section of tiers.

The cake is decorated with pink and purple flowers and gold trimmings. This cake is then straddled upon a chain with a floral and lavish archway housing it.

Giving it an optimal look and appeal for a wonderful celebration, this cake will be remembered by the couple and of course the guests at a Desi wedding.

Draped Saree Cake

This cake is a beautiful deep red 7 layered cake. The detailing on the bottom layer of the cake is inspired by Henna designs which are appropriate for Desi weddings.

The top first and second layer is inspired by Indian jewellery.

An assortment of fresh flowers has been added along the end of the second layer from the bottom and at the bottom of the top layer.

The edge of this unique design has a draped saree falling off the second layer, which smooths down to the bottom of the cake.

The Ambani Engagement Cake

desi wedding cakes - ambani

For one of the wealthiest families in India, this cake had to make it to our list. Akash Ambani, son of Mukesh Ambani got engaged to his childhood sweetheart Shloka Mehta in a grand manner which was no less than a royal affair.

With all of the top Bollywood actors making their presence at this spectacular evening, the most talked about topic was the royal cake of the bride and groom.

This stunning cake was made by pastry chef Bunty Mahajan who runs Deliciae Patisserie.

This beautiful cake is made of 6 intricate layers wrapped in delicate edible sugar flowers. The blush pinks and hues of cream sitting against the copper-gold compliment each other very well.

The cake was rounded off with a cake topper with both the bride and grooms name on it. Also, the fourth layer of the cake has the initials of the couple in red.

Lilac and Purple

desi wedding cakes purple

This is a very elegant and classy cake. A reminder of romance, it is a simple cake, which stands out.

The bride would often select this cake as purple and lilac are traditional colours associated with them.

The display is complemented by the beautiful flowers which are included across the different tiers of the cake.

Lighting beneath enhances the cake, making it look more attractive.

Red Extravagant cake

desi wedding cakes desi decor

This is a gorgeous Indian style wedding cake, popular at Punjabi weddings.

A lot of hard work and man hours have gone into producing this masterpiece. This cake has a lot of traditional detail in red, with beautiful rose flowers displayed on it.

The 8tier cake is very pyramid-like in shape and effect.

It might seem over the top to some, but everyone has a unique taste. The cake seems to express loudness and noise.

An owner of a bakery shop describing the cake mentioned: “A red cake can have a spicy side to it as it represents passion.”

Chandelier Cake

desi wedding cakes upside down

This last is a unique upside-down chandelier cake. The base of the cake starts off small and gradually gets bigger with each tier.

The cake can be made up of four or more tiers. Each layer of the cake is bound with an assortment of chandelier crystals and flowers.

The cake is embellished with pearls on a strand resembling a necklace, which is draped elegantly on each tier. The whole cake descends from the ceiling or specially erected stand to hold the cake in place.

The ornamental look of this cake and its luxurious charm makes it a centrepiece for any Desi wedding.

There are many more outrageous cakes you can get designed and made for a Desi wedding.

With the Desi weddings being quite extravagant, some of these cakes are not all that cheap. But if you go with something more simple, they may not be as costly.

Hopefully, the selection of outrageous cakes presented will give some food for thought when planning for your special day.

Yeasmin is currently studying BA Hons in Fashion Business and Promotion. She is a creative individual who enjoys fashion, food and photography. She loves everything Bollywood. Her motto is: "Life's too short to overthink, just do it!"

Images courtesy of Asian Wedding Cakes Instagram, Pooja Dhingra Instagram, Pinterest