Alizeh Shah criticised for Smoking in Public

A video has gone viral of Pakistani actress Alizeh Shah smoking. This has prompted criticism on social media.

Alizeh Shah criticised for Smoking in Public f

"she wants to be the hot topic every time."

Pakistani actress Alizeh Shah has come under criticism after a viral video showed her smoking in a car.

The video shows Alizeh sitting in a car with friends whilst puffing on a cigarette.

This prompted some social media users to criticise the actress.

A number of people called Alizeh a hypocrite and accused her of corrupting Pakistani culture.

One person wrote: “When a man smokes it damages his lungs.

“When a woman smokes it damages her character. I don’t know if women have no lungs, or men have no character. Hypocrisy in all.”

Another said: “While promoting feminism, Pakistani girls have gone too far, they have adopted European culture completely, whether it is about dressing or their way of life… Alas!! #AlizehShah.”

A third person commented: “Alizeh Shah is a prime example of how the showbiz industry ruins you.”

One comment read: “She just needs attention she wants to be the hot topic every time.”

Other people took the opportunity to make fun of the matter, posting memes.

One person said: “Smoking is injurious to health. A public service message by Alizeh Shah.”

Some people decided to photoshop Alizeh’s face onto a packet of cigarettes.

Other social media users believed that Alizeh was not smoking a cigarette but marijuana.

While many criticised Alizeh, others slammed the person responsible for filming the video without her consent.

One person said: “The audacity to film someone’s private life without consent.”

Many others said it was Alizeh’s personal choice.

One wrote: “So????? It’s her personal choice. Let the people live.”

Another said: “Smoking is bad but allowed, as it’s someone’s personal choice for their own life.

“Let’s stop discussing others’ life by bringing the tiny things to pinch them!”

One person argued that Alizeh was criticised because she is a woman, adding that nothing is said about male smokers.

Alizeh Shah has come under controversy in the past, with people criticising her outfit at the Hum Style Awards in July 2021.

She also faced backlash for cutting her hair short.

This is not the first time a celebrity has received flak for smoking in public.

In 2017, popular Pakistani actress Mahira Khan was pictured smoking with Ranbir Kapoor on the streets of New York.

This fuelled dating rumours and led to the actress being trolled.

She was also judged for wearing a short, backless dress.

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