Best Electric and Blade Shavers for Men

No longer keen on the unmanageable chin hair? It’s time to get rid of those beards and moustaches. DESIblitz presents a list of the best shavers that can help.

Best Electric and Blade Shavers for Men

Suitable for use in the shower, the cruZer 6 also features a twistable, two sided trimmer

Face it, shaving is a nightmare regardless of how much facial hair you have. Sometimes, just thinking about shaving can give men the shivers.

The thing about shaving is that you can’t rush perfection, and the perfect shave requires patience, accuracy and time.

No matter whatever look you are going for, or even if you are trimming the hair down, one slip up and you can risk losing the design you want your beard to be.

So to help ease the shaving dilemma, DESIblitz brings a list of best 10 best shavers that will make your life that much simpler.

1. Philips Shaver 9000

Product 1Philips’ electric shaver kit packs in a range of equipment to give you the closest possible shave.

V Track blades flex in up to eight directions, while AquaTec technology makes this shaver good for both wet or dry shaving.

Throw in SuperLift grooves to catch low lying hairs and an additional SmartClick trimmer for maintaining beards and moustaches, making it suitable for all faces.

When you’re done, the included SmartClean dock cleans, lubricates and charges your Series 9000 so it’s always ready for the next shave.

It’s a bit pricy but worth a buy, since it offers a variety of shaves.

2. Braun cruZer 6 Face

Product 2For those who want a reliable, versatile shaver, Braun’s cruZer 6 Face offers good functionality and a clean result at a sensible price.

A 3 in 1 system suitable for shaving, trimming and styling, the Braun is a jack of all trades.

4 trimming lengths are available, and SmartFoil technology also means the Braun can capture hairs growing in different directions.

Suitable for use in the shower, the cruZer 6 also features a twistable, two sided trimmer – ideal for finishing off intricate details.

Adil, a student who received this as a gift from his parents says:

“This is an amazing brand, I used to hate shaving and now I love it because this shaver makes it quick, simple and easy.”

A complete money worth and you can buy it from Ebay for only £29.75

3. Braun Series 7

Product 3The most capable Braun shaver up to date, the Series 7 boasts a range of technologies created to give you the perfect shave.

Producing 10,000 micro vibrations per minute with its sonic technology, the 7 adapts to the density of your beard.

Braun’s Powercomb feature captures flat lying hairs, making it a reliable shaver to give you the perfect outcome.

A fully flexible head means the Braun’s blades easily track the contours of your face.

The Series 7’s Clean and Renew station will charge, lubricate and clean the razor for next time.

Again a bit pricy but definitely a good investment if you are looking for a clean easy shave.

4. Panasonic ES-LV95-S

Product 4Created to offer a fast, luxurious shave, the Panasonic ES-LV95-S uses five blades for a close, thorough detailed cut.

Thanks to the fastest linear motor used in a shaver, the Panasonic is able to give that unbeatable efficiency on the first try – so you don’t have to go over areas multiple times.

Operating at over 14,000 cycles per minute, the Panasonic’s motor will cut through any hair.

The multi-flex head ensures a closer cut.

Perfect for a Christmas gift as it’s another costly buy, but would surely last a long time. So treat someone who deserves a luxury shave.

This shaver can be yours for £164.99 from

5. Remington Foil F5800

Product 5A trustworthy foil shaver without any of the traditional mistakes.

The Remington F5800 takes all the benefits of foil technology and improves them with some creative thinking.

Featuring bright, informative LEDs, the Remington F5800 Intercept system targets longer hairs before the razor’s main blades go to work – great for those who shave intermittently.

What’s more, the Remington’s titanium coated blades are also angled inwards for a cut as close to the root as possible, to give you the best results.

This shaver can be yours for a reasonable price of £30.00 from Ebay.

6. Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 razor

Product 6This five-blade stack is easy to handle, leaving the epidermis as polished as the finest Chippendale, so long as you use a quality shaving cream or oil.

With a flip trimmer and a hydrating gel reservoir, this razor is designed for the most demanding of men.

The 5 Ultra Glide Blades contain built-in Skin Guards that act to smooth your skin as you shave and reduce irritation.

This product can be yours for £8.00 from Boots.

7. Edwin Jagger Chatsworth 

Product 7The classic and traditional, double-edge safety razor is bang on trend for the first time since about 1916.

This ebony number demands care when negotiating the jaw area, but shaves incredibly close.

New blades are pleasingly cheap too.

Buy it now from Shaving Shack for £46.99.

8. Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Power Silver Touch

Product 8Gillette’s latest addition to its ever growing range of razors adds in a few new features to make it your morning grooming product of choice.

Thin blades improve comfort, an elongated lubricated strip complete with mineral oil improves the moisturising element Gillette have used for a while now and most importantly, the handle is silver in colour.

The razors again are smoother so will once again reduce the chances of getting a razor burn.

Buy it from Amazon for only £11.93.

9. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

Product 9Gillette’s 3-in-1 has all the relevant kit to help keep your facial hair intact but also give you that clean shave if you wish.

Custom length is delivered via three detachable combs, while the electric trimmer allows for smooth shapeups.

It’s also comfortable to hold and comes packing a detachable blade, so you’re not solely limited to dry shaves.

Another great buy from Amazon for £14.99.

10. Thiers Issard Le Petit Francais

Product 10The classic cut-throat, often used by barbers.

It’s fiddly, time consuming and requires paraphernalia from a brush to a sharpening strop – get careless and it’s a messy blood bath all over your bathrobe too.

Its performance, however, is terrifyingly effective and the outcomes are long lasting.

It’s a great grooming tool to have at your disposal.

Buy it now from Executive Shaving for £98.50. Yes, it’s expensive but a great buy that will last you for a while.

So there you have it, the best shavers that you can use to help you get rid of that lazy feeling of not wanting to shave.

Some shavers are reasonably affordable and some are definitely for those who like to be well prepared and groomed.

Try some of these for yourself and see how easy they make shaving feel, instead of it being a chore that you have to do.

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