Indian Mother & Baby die after C-section with Razor Blade

An Indian mother and her newborn child have both died after a class eight dropout performed a C-section on the woman with a razor blade.

Indian Woman loses Baby giving Birth on Hospital Stairs f

the mother continued to bleed profusely

An Indian mother and her newborn baby have died after a C-section was performed on her with a razor blade.

The shocking incident was performed by a class eight dropout and took place at a local clinic in Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur district.

Rajendra Shukla, the dropout employed at the clinic, used a blade from a shaving razor to perform the procedure on the mother.

Following the shocking incident on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, the Indian mother bled to death and her newborn baby died just minutes after its birth.

According to a news report, 30-year-old Shukla worked at Maa Sharda Hospital in Saini village, run by Rajesh Sahni.

The report stated that Sahni hired Shukla to perform surgeries at the facility.

However, it has since been revealed that Rajesh Sahni’s clinic, run with quacks and midwives, was unregistered.

Rajendra Shukla and Rajesh Sahni are both under arrest for culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

The arrests came on Thursday, March 18, 2021.

According to Sultanpur’s Superintendent of Police Arvind Chaturvedi, the incident came to light when the Indian mother’s husband, Rajaram, filed a complaint.

Rajaram complained to the police that his wife, Poonam, and the newborn child died as a result of medical negligence.

SP Arvind Chaturvedi said:

“We found that it was an unregistered clinic with no infrastructure to perform surgeries.”

“Quacks used razor blades to conduct operations.”

According to Amrendra Singh, Baldiram’s Station House Officer (SHO), when the Indian mother went into labour, a midwife asked Rajaram to take her to a primary health centre.

Singh said:

“When Poonam went into labour on Wednesday night, she was taken to a midwife, who told her husband to shift her to a primary health centre in Deeh area.

“There an auxiliary nurse examined Poonam and told Rajaram to move her to the hospital as her condition was critical.”

Singh added that the mother continued to bleed profusely on the makeshift operating table.

As a result, Rajaram took his wife to a district hospital as her condition remained critical.

The Indian mother was taken to KGMU Trauma Centre in Lucknow. The centre was 140 kilometres away, as there was no hospital in the vicinity to treat her.

However, her condition worsened, and she died soon after.

Following the shocking incident, the police have written to the chief medical officer to act against illegal clinics.

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