What can UK Households do to Avoid Water Bill Increases?

As water bills are set to rise in April 2023, we look at the different ways UK households can avoid such increases.

What can UK Households do to Avoid Water Bill Increases f


an aerated shower head may save a family of four £75 a year

In April 2023, the cost of water bills will increase, giving households another setback amid a current cost of living crisis.

According to Water UK, the average total water bill will increase this year from £417 to £448.

Customers will pay, on average, £31 more this year than they did in 2022, due to the 7.5% hike.

Consumer advocacy groups claimed that the increase would hurt low-income households, of which one in five already had financial difficulties paying their bills.

Where you live, how much you’re charged, and how much it is rising at a certain rate will all affect the precise amount of your bill increase starting on April 1, 2023.

There is a water corporation assigned to each region of the nation, and it is their job to determine how much bills will cost and how much will increase.

Regrettably, unlike other utility bills, you are unable to just switch to another one if you are dissatisfied with their services.

But it doesn’t mean water firms can simply set whatever rates they like.

They must adhere to tight guidelines established by the regulator, Ofwat, to ensure that bills are reasonable and give value for money.

The precise amount you pay also depends on how much water you use and whether you have a water meter to track your consumption.

Along with the price of cleaning the water and supplying it to your home, your total water bill also includes the cost of local sewage.

The expense of sewage and water are generally split in half.

So, how can households slash their water bills and avoid significant increases in their water bills

Spending less time in the shower will enable you to save money.

Uswitch claims that by shortening your shower times, you could save £70 on energy costs and lower your water usage as well.

Furthermore, according to Octopus, leaving the water on while you brush your teeth might increase your expenses by £60 a year.

The same applies to washing dishes. Make sure you shut off the water as if you were doing it in the sink; otherwise, you may end up paying an extra £25 per year.

Another way to avoid rising water bills is to repair any leaks in the house. A leaky toilet might waste 215 to 400 litres of water per day.

Households can also avoid higher costs by using their dishwasher and washing machines only when they are completely loaded.

Estimates from Water UK suggest that using an aerated shower head may save a family of four £75 a year on electricity costs and £45 annually on water costs.

Aerated showers combine water and air to produce bigger water droplets.

Many water companies provide free water-saving equipment that also reduces your bill which can reduce your rate by hundreds annually.

However, an independent regulator for the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) said that many customers who struggle to afford their bill “slip through the net” due to a “postcode lottery” of regional variations in billing.

According to the report, some households may see increases that are substantially higher than average while others may see decreases.

CCW chief executive Emma Clancy said:

“Water is essential for all of us so no one should be worried about being able to afford their bill.”

She said the bill increases “will bring more uncertainty to struggling households at a time when they can’t be certain they will get the help they need”.

Ms Clancy added: “We urgently need a new water affordability scheme that provides consistent support based on people’s needs.”

For further information, contact the current supplier of your water bill tariff, and assess what this may look like after water bills increase.

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