Why Trishna gets Fired in Week 10 of The Apprentice

Pitches get a bit tipsy in week 10’s gin making task. Trishna takes a huge risk on The Apprentice which ends up getting her fired.

Why Trishna Gets Fired in Week 10 of The Apprentice?

“I feel like there are a lot of people still in this process that I’m better than"

In week 10 of The Apprentice, there are only six candidates left fighting for Lord Sugar’s £250,000 business investment.

With the gin market booming, Lord Sugar decides the teams should create their own gin. From manufacturing to branding, this week’s task gets messy for Trishna.

While sampling gin flavours, she proves to be a lightweight. She says: “This is going to my head this.”

Trishna comes up with an orange coloured gin added by food colouring.

Karen calls their orange coloured gin a huge risk as gin is typically clear. Although Trishna’s colourful idea was supported by project manager Grainne, Trishna is remembered for this mistake.

Sampling their spicy flavoured gin, Trishna comments: “Woah, that’s strong.” Grainne also seems to become easily influenced as she stumbles over her words:

“It’s got the spice that we’re looking for,” as they add some pepper. They pair seem tipsy and giggle as Karen is not impressed.

Why Trishna Gets Fired in Week 10 of The Apprentice?

Trishna and Grainne miss 19 calls from Frances who is busy working on the branding of their gin. Frances misses the deadline leaving their bottle without the ingredients on it.

The mistakes just keep coming for Trishna’s team as they fail to impress leading retailers. When asked about their unusual colour of the gin, Trishna and Grainne lie to the experts saying the orange is natural colouring from the orange peel.

In another pitch to big retailer Tesco, Frances suggests the colour is something they can change if it is a problem. However, Trishna does not agree with this and sticks by her unique choice:

“We wouldn’t want to take away the colour, that is what are brand is all about. We want people to remember that’s that orange-coloured gin that we like or want to keep buying. So we wouldn’t want to change that colour at all.”

Meanwhile, on the other team, they go for a fruity raspberry flavour. Although their brand name, ‘Giin’, is confusing and causes tensions to arise within the team, retailers prefer their taste. They scored a massive £71,400 worth of orders. Trishna’s team only make £5,280 worth of orders.

Trishna is quick to blame the failure of the task on Grainne as she was frequently “going along” with decisions.

Unable to forgive her for her decision on the orange coloured gin, Lord Sugar fires her “with regret.”

Why Trishna Gets Fired in Week 10 of The Apprentice?

Trishna is also known for her moody attitude. Teammate Frances and Lord Sugar’s advisor Karen inform Lord Sugar that Trishna had “the hump” throughout the task.

Trishna does not agree with Lord Sugar’s decision in firing her and believes there are weaker candidates than her still in the process.

Not quick to defend her project manager, she adds: “Grainne has a complete lack of leadership. I don’t think at all she’s capable of winning this.”

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