T-Series finally joins IPRS to Pay Music Royalties

After years of reported disagreements, T-Series has finally joined the Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) to pay music royalties.

T-Series finally joins IPRS to Pay Music Royalties f

"Us joining IPRS is a logical progression"

India’s largest film music label, T-Series, has finally joined the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS), to pay music royalties.

This reportedly ends years of disagreement and following many rounds of discussions and negotiations.

It becomes the last major music company in India to do so.

T-Series joins existing IPRS members like Sony Music Entertainment India, Saregama India, Universal Music Publishing, Times Music and Aditya Music.

The move will add over 15,000 hours of music to the society’s catalogue, including 200,000 titles and over 50,000 music videos across 15 Indian languages.

The deal is significant for India’s best-known composers and music publishers who are among the 5,000 IPRS members as their works will now be legally licensed.

With IPRS now representing T-Series’ music publishing catalogue, it will make doing business with numerous music licensees easier.

They can license music in a single-window clearance system for underlying works embodied in a sound recording or a music video.

This will lead to previously fragmented or often non-existent license fees going back to the creators via T-Series.

T-Series boss Bhushan Kumar will join the IPRS board and said:

“Copyright is in the heart and soul of what T-Series creates. Us joining IPRS is a logical progression for the company.

“We took this decision in the interest of the entire music industry – today the entire industry, creators, music businesses, all united, represent a seamless coalition of stakeholders contributing to our country’s progress and working together in our common interest.

“T-Series will bring more value to IPRS and its members.

“We look forward to IPRS growing even more with our support in the future so that it can benefit the creator community and the industry even more.”

Veteran lyricist and IPRS chair Javed Akhtar said:

“I see this as a homecoming for T-Series and thank Mr Bhushan Kumar and the T-Series family from the bottom of my heart for entrusting IPRS with its copyright catalogue.

“This is a win-win proposition for T-Series and for our author and music composer members who will benefit tremendously.

“The entire music industry is united today in its determination that creators, music businesses all will work together for the common cause.”

Devraj Sanyal, CEO of Universal Music Group, India and South Asia, called it a “golden age” for Indian music creators.

He added: “For great change to effectively happen in the publishing business of the Indian music industry, you need all the major players to band together to push the agenda of fairness, transparency and equitable remunerations for both owner publishers and our respected author composers.

“And now with my dear friends Bhushan and teams from T-Series joining us in IPRS, that day is here.”

IPRS is India’s only copyright society and is authorised under the Copyright Act. Its aim is to:

“Issue and grant licenses in respect of musical works and literary works associated with musical works assigned to it by its members, as well as to collect and distribute the authors’ statutory royalties, for the exploitation of these works either by way of live performances or sound recordings through any medium except when exhibited as a part of a cinematograph film shown in a cinema hall.”

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