Indian Army Women show-off Punjabi Giddha Dancing

A group of Indian army women were seen performing traditional Punjabi Giddha dancing. The video has gone viral.

Indian Army Women show-off Punjabi Giddha Dancing f

They are fully synchronised and shake their hips

A video on social media featuring a group of young Indian army women dancing has grabbed a lot of attention among netizens.

The video shows a group of Indian army women at their barracks performing traditional Punjabi Giddha dancing.

While wearing their uniforms, they are showing some stylish Giddha moves dancing in sync with the Punjabi music playing on a loudspeaker.

The song in the background is called ‘Ni Main Nacha Nacha’ and it is performed by the outstanding Punjabi female singer Miss Pooja.

The catchy lyrics of the song are sung in a traditional boliyan style and it captures the essence of a girl saying how she is cannot stop dancing.

The zeal and energy of the song are nicely projected into the dance by the Indian army women.

They are fully synchronised and shake their hips to the beat depicting each move to resonate with the lyrics.

Swirling at the right points and forming a dance circle as women do in Giddha is all played out by the female soldiers.

The video was tweeted by Bipin Hindu which you can watch here:

The viral video was loved by netizens, praising the performance as well as praising the army for their service to India.

The combination of Giddha and dancing in uniforms definitely added a new twist to this dance form.

Usually, you would see a group of Punjabi women dressed in salwar kameez at a wedding performing Giddha to this song in homes or at functions.

It’s likely that the women performing the dance at the barracks have got a Punjabi background or connection to dancing in this way.

Either way, the performance is one to be watched and applauded.

Giddha is a popular Punjabi folk dance that is performed only by women. It is the female counterpart of the Bhangra, with a similar tempo.

Giddha is said to have originated from the ancient ring dance that was quite dominant in Punjab.

It is typically performed during festive or social occasions, especially during the sowing and reaping of the harvest.

Giddha is a deep-rooted part of Punjabi culture, showing off graceful movements and high energy.

Bright clothes, rhythmic clapping, and traditional folk songs blend in to transform the dance into a spontaneous display of joy.

Typically, no musical instrument is used and rhythmic singing and clapping act as the music.

But in some cases, a Dhol is used for musical support.

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