Fahad Mirza shares Personal details about First Marriage

Fahad Mirza has revealed that before marrying Sarwat Gilani, he was married to another woman. He delved into the details.

Fahad Mirza shares Personal details about First Marriage f

He said the said woman had achieved much more in life

Fahad Mirza has been happily married to Sarwat Gilani since 2014.

They encountered multiple obstacles before ultimately getting married.

After breaking up and reuniting years later, they managed to overcome difficult experiences.

They are now blessed with two sons and have recently welcomed a daughter into their family.

During his appearance on the FHM podcast, Fahad Mirza candidly discussed various aspects of his life.

The actor delved into his career choices, shedding light on the ultimate plan of Allah and his unwavering belief in it.

Additionally, he expressed his deep patriotism and hopeful outlook for the country.

Addressing a sensitive topic, Fahad also touched upon the taboo surrounding divorces in our society.

He openly shared his personal experience of his first marriage. He also credited his ex-wife for playing a significant role in his personal growth.

Fahad revealed that after breaking up with Sarwat, he entered into a marriage with a woman who was 15 years older than him and who had three children.

He said the said woman had achieved much more in life than he had.

He emphasised that he has never spoken negatively about her because she stood by him during his most difficult times.

Fahad asserted that she played a great part in assisting him in nurturing his love for Pakistan.

He also attributes a great deal of his personal growth to her unwavering support.

Fahad further mentioned that their separation was as harmonious as possible, and he continues to hold her in high regard.

Furthermore, Sarwat had also been previously married to another individual.

Fahad and Sarwat were seeing each other when they were in college. Fahad was studying medicine and Sarwat was a graphics design student.

During their relationship, both of them had an academic setback.

It was then that their parents made them realise that the two were too young to commit to each other.

Therefore, they mutually ended their relationship. Although they had decided to get back together after completing their degrees, life had other plans for them.

After a span of seven years, Fahad made an unexpected appearance at one of Sarwat’s shows. They started dating again and soon got married.

Fans are marvelling at their remarkable love story. They claim this is the epitome of “pairs are made in heaven”.

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