Shocking Daylight Robbery of Danyaal Jewellers

A video shows the shocking moment an armed gang carried out a daylight robbery on Danyaal Jewellers in Ladypool Road, Birmingham.

Shocking Daylight Robbery of Danyaal Jewellers

"It was very scary, I haven’t seen anything like that."

An armed gang was seen carrying out a robbery of a Birmingham jewellery shop, using a truck to smash through the shop front.

Footage from the scene showed the armed men smashing a large Highways maintenance truck into Danyaal Jewellers in Ladypool Road, Sparkbrook.

The men, who were wearing balaclavas, were seen reversing at speed into the shop front, shattering the glass, at around midday on March 3, 2022.

It is believed that they were in and out of the shop within a matter of minutes before smoke poured out of the building.

During the chaos, one thug dressed in black could be seen running down the street towards the store wielding an axe.

The armed man was then seen trying to intimidate onlookers who were filming the incident. Meanwhile, his accomplices carried out the daylight robbery.

He shouted: “What, what, what, get the f*** in the shop, get in your shop.”

Shopworkers then discussed whether anyone had called the police.

The armed man then appeared to wait at the jewellery shop entrance for his accomplices.

The street was filled with smoke and was packed with stunned onlookers.

Members of the public could be heard trying to take down the registration of the 4×4 used in the ram raid.

The axe-wielding man suddenly emerges from the shop front.

The armed gang rushed into the vehicle before fleeing the scene.

Police have now sealed off the shop front and forensics are present.

One worker from a nearby shop said:

“I saw a big car, a 4×4 parked up at a strange angle. Then it reversed very hard into the shop.

“It was very scary, I haven’t seen anything like that.

“They had their faces covered, you couldn’t even see their fingers.

“I ran to the back of the shop. I came back when everything had calmed down.”

One employee from My Halal Meat said:

“We were busy working in the shop and suddenly there was a car going into that shop.”

“It was a really loud noise, it was a white 4×4.

“There were about eight people who went into the shop. They were out within two minutes.

“They were really quick. There was smoke coming out of the shop. It was very scary.”

It is not yet known how much, if anything, was stolen from the ram raid.

Watch the Shocking Footage


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