Shakti Kapoor goes to buy Alcohol carrying Bin in Viral Video

Shakti Kapoor has had his fans in fits of laughter with the hilarious video he shared on Instagram. It appears the actor is eager to purchase alcohol.

Shakti Kapoor goes to buy Alcohol carrying Bin in Viral Video f

“Poori society ke liye lekar aana”

Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor has left fans in fits of laughter with his latest video showing him carrying a red plastic bin on his head and the reason behind it is hilarious.

The actor is renowned for his comedic timing in films like Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri (1990), Andaz Apna Apna (1994) and more.

He is also popular for his portrayal of villainous characters in films, such as Qurbani (1980), Rocky (1981) just to name a few.

During the coronavirus lockdown, the established actor has been residing at home with his family.

As the lockdown eases in India, it is clear Shakti Kapoor is excited about one particular thing, and that is alcohol.

On Wednesday, 10 June 2020, Shakti Kapoor took to Instagram to share a hilarious video with his large fan following.

The funny video shows Shakti in an all-black outfit consisting of shorts and a t-shirt while carrying a large red bin on his head.

The actor is seen walking towards his car when a man behind the camera asks him where he is going.

Shakti Kapoor replies saying:

“Daaru lene jaa raha hoon” [I am going to buy liquor] with a straight-faced expression.

In response, the man burst out laughing and says:

“Poori society ke liye lekar aana” [Bring it for the entire society].

His hilarious video has garnered a lot of attention on social media with many user commenting with laughing face emojis.

While other users commented saying: “OMG thisss is soo cutteeee ……. Well done.”

Xbollywoodofficial said: “Mere lye lete aana” while directorsoham wrote: “Too cute.”

“Crime Master GoGo … Mogambo ka Bhatija hu … Aaya hu to kuch le kar hi jaunga” read another comment.

Recently, Shakti Kapoor shared an emotional video online in which he urged the government to help the plight of migrants in the country. He said:

“My heart cries looking at the condition of the migrants. There was a woman who gave birth to a child on the road and after some time, she continued to walk.

“Some are surviving by eating leaves, while others are dying of hunger and run over by trains and vehicles.

“There are small children as well who are walking miles barefoot with no food and water.

“How can anybody be okay after watching this? I can’t do much except for donating money.

“I urge the government to create an authorised NGO or pan-India initiative to ensure that help reaches out to them.”

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