Mumbai Police receives backlash for Hrithik Roshan Tweet

The Mumbai Police has once again wittingly used a Bollywood reference to promote a message however they received backlash for the same.

Mumbai Police receive backlash for Hrithik Roshan Tweet f

“Mumbai ka naam ‘Roshan’ karegi #MumbaiFirst.”

The Mumbai Police has caused a stir on Twitter after referencing a Bollywood scene to put forth a message, this time featuring Hrithik Roshan from the film, Dhoom 2 (2006).

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Mumbai Police has been applauded for their exceptional work on the streets as frontline workers amidst this difficult time.

While continuing with their great work, they regularly post witty messages on Twitter which often engage many users.

In this instance, they used a scene featuring Hrithik Roshan from Dhoom 2 (2006).

The Mumbai Police posted the scene where Hrithik Roshan’s character asks Abhishek Bachchan’s character:

“Chor agar chori nahi karega, toh police kya karegi?” [If thieves do not steal, then what will the police do?]

Alongside the video, they wrote the caption: “Mumbai ka naam ‘Roshan’ karegi #MumbaiFirst.”

Despite the use of savage and witty humour, many Twitter users have condemned the Mumbai Police for using a scene in which Hrithik Roshan plays a thief.

Kartikeya questioned the message of their tweet saying:

“Are you saying that the police encourage crime to ensure their relevance? Why will you tweet something so silly from your official handle?”

Another user criticised the work of the Mumbai Police saying:

“Police is unable to control crime, murder, rapes, theft is normal stuff everyday.

“Police should focus on rapid action for crime prevention, detection and investigation. Less false pride, more work.”

Avradip Nayak mentioned that it was inappropriate to use a scene in which Hrithik Roshan is playing a criminal. He wrote:

“Myself a Hrithik fan but here he is portraying a criminal or thief. So not right to use this image.”

Despite the backlash received by the Mumbai Police, some users applauded them for their work. Prathamesh Patil said:

“I FEEL PROUD TO SEE @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice OUR POLICE STAFF WORKING on ground facing lots of things but their morale is always HIGH HUGE RESPECT TO EACH AND EVERY POLICE OFFICERS.”

Similarly, another Twitter user named Thor said:

“Salute. Few of my family members served Mumbai police and we are super proud of Mumbai police and the police force in general.

“Always heard stories about how Mumbai police was ranked second after Scotland yard. Long live the force …”

Another user showed his support for the police saying:

“Mumbai Police I know the hardships you guys face. But still you guys do the job with a smile. Salute to our heroes. We feel safe because of you.”

Their tweet has certainly caused a stir online as it has divided many users.

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