Hrithik Roshan’s Sons become Scriptwriters for Krrish 4

Hrithik Roshan’s sons have turned into scriptwriters to assist their grandfather, Rakesh Roshan, to help write the storyline for Krrish 4.

Hrithik Roshan's sons turn script writers for Krrish 4

"The children state their minds clearly and Rakesh incorporates their vision into his story."

Upcoming film, Krrish 4 will once again see Hrithik Roshan in a superhero role.

The script will be written by the actor’s father, Rakesh Roshan as the father and son duo return for their latest project.

Roshan revealed that he would be making a sequel to the film in 2013.

However, this time, he is getting two little helping hands to assist him with the script for the third film in the Krrish series.

While Hrithik had been shooting for his latest film Kaabil, his two sons have been busy helping their grandfather put together the script for Krrish 4.

10-year-old Hrehaan and 8-year-old Hridhaan have been inputting their ideas for the  storyline for the upcoming film.

A source said: “Rakesh likes to make his films stylistically, as close to Hollywood as possible.”

“He was the first to develop Krrish as a superhero franchise, but today, superheroes are no longer as simple as they used to be.”

The source revealed that the children are huge fans of science fiction and action movies like Batman vs Superman, Captain America and Spider-Man.

Therefore, they fill in Rakesh Roshan on what’s new, what works and doesn’t in this genre of film.

‘They are not just computer-savvy, but also know what they like.”

“So whenever (Rakesh Roshan) sits down to write, he calls them over and they have brainstorming sessions over the story.”

“The filmmaker knows that by the time the film releases, more developments would have taken place, so he wants to be well equipped.”

“The children state their minds clearly and Rakesh incorporates their vision into his story.”

Other writers apart from his grandchildren will include Honey Irani, Robin Bhatt, Sachin Bhowmick and Akash Khurana.

After the failure of the much anticipated Mohenjo Daro, Roshan wants to make the most of all his resources to make sure the next production is a success.

Krrish 4 is expected the launch next year.


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