Samosa Shop in Switzerland guarantees Orgasm for customers

A tagline for ‘Sharma ji ke Samose’ in Switzerland that guarantees an orgasm has gone viral on social media, leaving netizens in splits.

Samosa Shop in Switzerland guarantees Orgasm for customers - f

"Great marketing slogan though."

Needless to say, samosa is among the most-loved snacks in India.

Not just in India, the savoury snack has also earned global fame.

They have a delicious filling, and a crunchy exterior, and the best part, of course, is the crispy layer at the end.

Anyone who says they don’t like samosas obviously hasn’t tried a good one yet.

Now, a rather hilarious picture of a restaurant in Switzerland has surfaced on social media which is going viral for its quirky marketing technique.

A Twitter user shared an ad poster for ‘Sharmaji Ke Samose,’ which promises an orgasm to its customers.

The text on the poster reads: “Sharma ji ke special samose. Khaate Khaate Orgasm ho jaaye.”

A Twitter user shared the picture and wrote: “Damn Sharma Ji.”

While foodgasm is a real deal, this shop owner took this concept to a whole other level.

According to a report by Quint, the sign appears to be located in Switzerland. One piece of samosa costs 9.90 Swiss francs, or £8.11.

Needless to say, the rather bold yet hilarious sign has gone viral, amassing a lot of amused reactions from people.

A Twitter user cheekily wrote: “Sharma Ji got some confidence in his samosa recipe.”

Another praised the quirky tagline and wrote: “What the hell did I just read? Great marketing slogan though.”

A third commented: “Sharma Ji overcompensating for something with his samosas.”

Meanwhile, recently, IAS officer Awanish Sharan posted about kids’ birthday parties during the 80s and 90s making Twitter feel all nostalgic.

The parties used to be a simple affair with the snacks being served such as samosa, gulab jamun, biscuits and cold drinks.

There wasn’t anything extravagant about the parties and they consisted of playing games and dancing.

The photo consists of snacks such as samosa, gulab jamun, biscuits and namkeen being served on paper plates.

He captioned the photo: “80s – 90s Kid’s Birthday Party Snacks.”

The photo was shared by the IAS officer on April 24, 2022, and it has got over 60,000 likes so far.

In response to the viral tweet, one user wrote:

“Samosa and Gulab Jamun are still favourites at my place!”

Another added: “So many times, the celebration used to be last minute when parents were informed that friends are here for birthdays with gifts.

“Pencil boxes, pencil rubbers, Geometry box. It was fun.”

A third commented: “And one piece of pastry in the same plate that eventually mixed with namkeen, cookie and samosa.”

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