10 Best Indian Restaurants in Sheffield to Visit

If you are in Sheffield and are searching for authentic Indian food, there are some great Indian restaurants to check out.

Their slogan is 'Inspired by India - Made in Sheffield'

In Sheffield, there are several Indian restaurants that boast rich flavours and aromas.

Eateries range from traditional to contemporary but all of them are enjoyed by locals and visitors to the city.

In the ‘Steel City’, there is a melting pot of cultures and this has contributed to such high-quality restaurants in the city.

Situated all over the city, these restaurants have their own house specialities which are loved by diners.

If you live in Sheffield or are visiting the city, here are 10 of the top Indian restaurants which are worth dining at.


10 Best Indian Restaurants in Sheffield to Visit - ashoka

One of the best Indian restaurants in Sheffield is Ashoka.

Located on Ecclesall Road, this traditionally-styled eatery has been serving authentic food since 1967, making it Sheffield’s oldest Indian restaurant.

Ashoka has built up a loyal following and every dish is freshly prepared to your taste preference.

Their slogan is ‘Inspired by India – Made in Sheffield’ and it represents the exciting menu.

While there are classic curries, there are also specialities such as Taxi Driver Curry, which is smoky chicken tikka with garlic minced lamb and fresh green chillies, cooking in a cast-iron karahi.


10 Best Indian Restaurants in Sheffield to Visit - lavang

Lavang serves great Indian food with a fine-dining twist.

The restaurant brings a modern dining experience to Sheffield but with a more refined approach than the standard curry house.

Expect seasonal dishes in a contemporary setting that gives off that doors-always-open atmosphere.

Dishes uncover unique flavours and secret recipes from different parts of Asia.

Meanwhile, Lavang’s in-house sommelier has curated a superb wine selection to complement the dishes.

As dishes are seasonal, every visit means no two meals will be the same.

Urban Choola

10 Best Indian Restaurants in Sheffield to Visit - urban

Urban Choola is situated on Ecclesall Road and takes its inspiration from the hustle and bustle of Indian street vendors.

For years, the restaurant has served up award-winning dishes but they continue to evolve.

Urban Choola celebrates North Indian cuisine with Punjabi influences.

What sets Urban Choola apart is that they transform Indian street food dishes into restaurant-quality meals.

The restaurant also prides itself on cooking dishes in the tandoor.

Some favourites include Nalli Gosht and Malai Chicken Tikka.

Urban Choola also offers an extensive vegan menu.


10 Best Indian Restaurants in Sheffield to Visit - ma

Cutlery Works food hall has a wide range of vendors, but MA-ba is a firm favourite.

MA-ba brings traditional Gujarati food to the heart of Sheffield.

The family-run eatery uses traditional recipes passed down generations.

Choose from a tempting range of home-cooked dishes, many of which are suitable for vegans and all can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

But on Sunday, MA-ba serves special Thali platters that are filled to the brim with flavourful dishes.

Mowgli Street Food

Well-known Indian restaurant chain Mowgli Street Food has restaurants all over the country.

Mowgli is all about how Indians eat at home and on their streets.

It is not about a quiet dining experience. It is about the hustle and bustle.

In Sheffield, Mowgli is located on Ecclesall Road and it showcases food from the homes and streets of India.

One recommendation is the four-tiered tiffin boxes, featuring a selection of dishes chosen by the chef.

This makes for a delicious surprise. It also allows diners to try out dishes that they may not have tried before.

Butlers Balti

Butlers Balti offers aromatic North Indian dishes in a stylish venue.

Balti dishes are freshly cooked with aromatic spices but it is not too overpowering.

Some of their best dishes include Balti Saag Masala, Balti Saruchi, Methi Gosht, Prawn Jalfrezi, Lamb Handi, Fish Korma, and Lamb Saj Special.

The restaurant has dedicated customers who keep coming back and this includes celebrities such as Sheffield boxer Kell Brook.


Viraaj is known for its efficient and quality service.

Open since 2010, Viraaj serves flavourful dishes that use fresh herbs and spices.

As well as classic curries, the restaurant offers a variety of specials.

This includes the Bengal Naga, which is chicken or meat cooked with various spices and Bengal naga chillies.

But a standout feature of the restaurant is that if a particular dish is not on the menu, you can ask to have a dish prepared to your requirements.


Bambukat is an Indian street food restaurant that prides itself on vibrant, lively dining as opposed to the intimate dining experience.

The restaurant has smaller plates to encourage diners to enjoy a variety of dishes.

Bambukat serves all-day favourites like Lamb Rogan Josh and Goan Fish Curry.

But one thing to try is the All Time Indian Thali, which is an assortment of dishes on a single platter and includes naan, tadka daal, raita and more.

There are also some desserts to enjoy after your meal.

An elegant option is Matka Kulfi, which is a blend of kulfi, saffron sauce, and chopped almonds and pistachios.


Award-winning Indian restaurant chain Akbar’s is located on Fitzwilliam Street and is renowned for serving Desi cuisine.

Shabir Hussain is the founder of the restaurant chain and his vision has always been to serve the very best in authentic South Asian food.

While the menu contains classic dishes like Biryani and Chicken Jalfrezi, the restaurant also offers two eating challenges.

One is the enormous ‘Big Un’ while the other is the super spicy ‘Phall’.

With the array of delicious food, it is no surprise that Akbar’s has won several awards.


Prithiraj brings a taste of Asia to Sheffield’s Ecclesall Road.

The menu combines sophisticated flavours, traditional spices and contemporary twists to create tantalisingly aromatic dishes but it stays true to the regional cuisines of India and Bangladesh.

Every dish is freshly prepared with only the finest ingredients and an authentic blend of spices.

But there is a selection of dishes which are unique to Prithiraj.

One dish is the Rajistani, which is prepared with freshly made spices along with sliced potato and aubergine to give it a unique flavour.

The dishes aim to impress those visiting Prithiraj for the first time as well as returning diners.

These 10 Sheffield restaurants have their own set of devoted diners who keep coming back for the delicious food.

The various cuisines that they specialise in means that there is an Indian restaurant for different taste preferences.

Visiting these Sheffield restaurants are a wholesome experience and whether you go for a traditional meal or something more innovative, you will be left feeling satisfied.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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