5 Red Wines to Drink with Indian Food

Choosing between red and white wine when pairing with Indian food can make a huge difference. We look at 5 red wines to drink with Indian cuisine.

5 Red Wines to Drink with Indian Food f

The intense flavours of the sauce pairs well with the fruity notes of the Austrian wine.

Indian food has long been one of the best cuisines to eat. At curry houses, diners pair different dishes with beers.

Some people think that is the best beverage to have with Indian food, but wine just makes the dish so much better.

Indian cuisine is one of the most complex flavour profiles out there as dishes tend to be rich in taste and heavily spiced.

Because of its complexity, it needs a suitable wine to balance out the whole experience.

Red wine, in particular, is one which suits a whole host of Indian dishes.

Before, people used to think that red wine can only be paired with rich, meaty dishes.

However, red wine has their own unique flavours which are sure to provide the perfect addition to a number of types of Indian food.

When choosing a suitable red wine, it is important to take into account the type of sauce and the spiciness.

With so many varieties out there, we look at five red wines to drink with Indian food


5 Red Wines to Drink with Indian Food - zweigelt

Also called the cherry bomb, Zweigelt wine is primarily made in Austria and is a lighter red wine, similar to Grenache or Gamay.

The dark red colour has a smooth and silky texture all while giving off fruity aromas of cherry and blackberry.

As it is a cool climate red, there is a slightly bitter taste on the finish.

To maximise all the flavours, it is best to give Zweigelt an hour to decant.

While it will have a little bitterness at the end, the flavours become deeper and more fruity.

This deep flavoured red wine goes perfectly with Indian food which is spicy and cooked in tomato-based sauces, preferably poultry dishes.

An ideal meal to have with a glass of Zweigelt is a chicken vindaloo as tomatoes and curry paste is combined to create a spicy tomato sauce.

The intense flavours of the sauce pairs well with the fruity notes of the Austrian wine.

The light-bodied and mild tannin wine means that there is only a hint of acidity, it won’t clash with the slightly acidic flavour of the sauce.

While they provide the perfect contrast to enhance the palette, the wine complements the hint of sweetness from the tomatoes.


5 Red Wines to Drink with Indian Food - lambrusco

Sparkling red wine used to be considered the laughing stock of the wine world, but they have now become immensely popular.

Lambrusco is an Italian sparkling red wine which is regularly drunk as there is a variety of styles.

Some are quite dry and others are much sweeter with flavours of rhubarb and cherry.

When choosing Lambrusco to go with Indian food it is best to go for a light-bodied style.

They will have a more fruity flavour along with tangy acidity. It will also not be tannic at all so there is no worry about the wine being bitter.

This particular style of Lambrusco is best suited with a dish that has a cream-based sauce.

Korma, Malai and Pasanda are all ideal options as they all use heavy cream, yoghurt or coconut milk to form a thick sauce.

The intense spices are also softened for a mild flavour and focusing on the texture of the meats.

A glass of Lambrusco brings an elegant tart fruitiness and slight acidity to the subtle flavours of the dish.

The light-bodied wine is the perfect contrast to the rich, creamy sauce which brings a multitude of textures as the two combines.


5 Red Wines to Drink with Indian Food - Sangiovese

A wine from the central region of Italy which has a tangy flavour and lighter than other red wines.

Sangiovese wines are not as deep a colour as other red wines but bring a number of variations.

Some wines have a more fruity flavour than others but all give off the slight aromas of red fruits.

The main thing to note is that Sangiovese wines are known for their high acidity. The tangy taste makes it a great partner with food.

This light-bodied red wine is one of the best to go with vegetarian dishes.

Vegetables tend to absorb the flavours in which it’s cooked so Sangiovese is perfect with intensely spiced dishes.

The heavy spices counter the tanginess of the wine for a wider depth of flavour.

Sangiovese’s light, smooth texture offers a nice change to the dense vegetables.


5 Red Wines to Drink with Indian Food - grenache

Grenache is one of the most popular wine varieties in the world and is valued for its flavour without added bitterness.

The deep-coloured wine has an aromatic, freshness to it, with the scents of red fruits like raspberries and strawberries.

There is a subtle spicy taste to it which makes Grenache a suitable partner with Indian cuisine.

While Grenache provides added spice to the palette, it is light-bodied to give a change in texture to the dense dishes it is best paired with.

It is best served cold to give the added hint of spice, but also provides a refreshing aftertaste.

To bring the full flavour combination, it is best combined with curried dishes.

Ideally red meat dishes such as lamb Rogan Josh as it is rich and heavy in flavour with the spices.

Both aromas perfectly contrast each other but the tastes have similarities.

The intense heat from the curry against the sweet, fruit flavour as well as the hint of spice enhances the entire combination.

Hence, Grenache wines go great with heavy meat dishes.


5 Red Wines to Drink with Indian Food - zinfandel

The American red wine typically comes in two varieties. The pink coloured version is light and has a slight sweetness.

Its other variant is a robust wine with strong fruit flavours of raspberry and blackberry.

The wine also has plenty of tannins, that means that it has a bitter taste.

Usually, wines which have high tannins do not go well with Indian food but this one does if paired with the right dish.

The fruity, bitter taste of Zinfandel wine is the ideal partner for mildly flavoured dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Both sets of flavours do not clash or overpower each other. The strong flavours of the wine complement the dish’s texture.

The high alcohol content within the wine is perfect with light flavours as a spicy dish would only feel more intense.

It is best to have an Indian dish which is quite light, especially because the wine is full-bodied.

These red wines all have a number of flavours as well as varied smoothness and silkiness to go with a number of South Asian dishes.

It is important that you choose the right wine to go with your chosen dish to really bring out the flavours of one another.

Choosing a red wine is down to personal preference but this should provide the guidance in picking a wine for that perfect pairing.

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