10 Best Indian Red Wines to Drink

India is gradually becoming a place known for producing delicious wines. Here are 10 of the best Indian red wines to drink.

10 Best Indian Red Wines to Drink f

a deep ruby red colour along with a rich aroma

The fondness for wine, specifically red wine, is growing in India and there are a variety being produced in the country.

India’s wine market is expanding every day.

It is estimated to be valued at £110 million, where imported wine accounts for 30% and the rest is catered for domestically.

Domestic wines are becoming more popular, with the quality of them improving.

Indian wineries are producing red wines with a lot of time and care.

The proof is in the taste as they boast a broad variety of tastes and aromas.

As wine continues to become more prominent, we look at 10 of the best red wines in India to drink as well as the type of foods that go well with them.

Sula Rasa

10 Best Indian Red Wines to Drink - sula

Sula Rasa is a limited edition red wine that is made in Nashik, India’s most prolific wine-producing area.

It is a complex wine that is best served at 16°C and is regularly described as India’s best reserve shiraz.

Sula Rasa is stored for 12 months in premium French oak barrels. It is further matured in the bottle before it is sold.

The result is a deep red colour with subtle hints of spices when consumed. It also gives off aromas of oak with a hint of pepper.

This red wine is best paired with chocolate, Gouda and Parmesan cheese, and barbequed foods.

To get the most out of this special wine, it is best to open and decant it 30 minutes prior to serving it slightly chilled.

Myra Misfit

10 Best Indian Red Wines to Drink - misfit

Myra was launched in 2013 by Ajay Shetty.

The brand launched red wine Myra Misfit in 2016 and it is India’s first unfiltered wine. This means the wine rests, naturally settling yeast particles through gravity.

The wine is a blend of Classic Sauvignon and fruity Shiraz grapes and it is aged in French oak barrels for 18 months.

Mr Shetty says: “We conceptualised Misfit in 2013 and wanted to create an opulent blend that tastes great.

“With Misfit we have consciously attempted to try things differently from the unfiltered process of making the wine to the appearance of our labels, and how it will be presented to our consumers.”

Misfit has a deep ruby red colour along with a rich aroma of berries.

It has a spicy and fruity taste that ends with a smooth finish.

When it comes to food, this red wine is ideal alongside lamb and pasta dishes.

Fratelli Sette

10 Best Indian Red Wines to Drink - sette

Fratelli Sette is one of the best red wines in India, having been made in Maharashtra.

It is made with Cabernet Sauvignon Sangiovese grapes before being left to mature in French oak barrels for 14 months.

It has a deep ruby red colour and is layered with complex flavours of plum, chocolate and berries.

Fratelli Sette has herby aromas and is a medium-bodied wine.

This red wine needs decanting for at least two hours but decanting for five hours causes it to evolve into an elegant full-bodied wine.

Drink this wine with pork, beef, poultry and hard cheese.

Grover Zampa La Reserve

10 Best Indian Red Wines to Drink - grover

This is the first premium red wine from India and it is made in the Nandi Hills of Bengaluru.

Grover Zampa La Reserve is a Shiraz-Cabernet wine that is aged for 16 months in French oak barrels.

It is a medium-bodied wine with complex layers but is well-balanced.

It has hints of smoke, oak and black fruits on the palate while it has a smoky aroma, with notes of bacon, dark plum and roasted cherry.

The finish has some peppery notes.

Vivek Chandramohan, chief executive officer at Grover Zampa said in 2020:

“At Grover Zampa Vineyards, we are consistently looking at diversifying our portfolio and bringing some of the most sought-after ranges of wine to the table.

“We have launched the finest La Reserve label in collaboration with Chateau D’ Etroyes that boasts of the rich history in French winemaking.”

This wine pairs well with roasted red meats as well as hard cheese.

York Arros

10 Best Indian Red Wines to Drink - york

This is Maharashtra’s York winery’s flagship wine.

Made from a blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, this wine is very limited, with just 10,000 bottles produced every year.

It is matured for up to 15 months in American oak barrels and a further 12 months in the bottle before release.

This Indian red wine has a deep red colour.

The sweet vanilla notes of the American oak dominate, while there are also hints of berries and cinnamon.

When decanted, the alcohol initially makes its presence felt before dissipating in the glass, resulting in a smooth finish on the palate.

In terms of food pairings, this red wine is perfect to drink alongside tandoori meats and lightly spiced dishes.

Krsma Sangiovese

10 Best Indian to Drink - krsma

Krsma is an Indian wine brand that continues to grow in popularity and Sangiovese is a red wine option to go for.

It is made with Sangiovese grapes and has a complex layer of flavours.

This wine has an initial aroma of juicy red fruit.

The taste features notes of plums, pomegranate which develops into star anise and sour red cherries backed with subtle hints of vanilla.

A nice balance of fruit and acidity results in a good finish.

The characteristic sourness and lingering tannins will leave you wanting another sip.

This is a mellow-tasting red wine that goes well with tomato-based chicken dishes.

Charosa Tempranillo Reserve

10 Best Indian to Drink - Charosa

Made in Maharashtra, Charosa Tempranillo Reserve is considered one of India’s best red wines.

It is made with Tempranillo grapes which give it a rich body and distinct dark ruby red colour.

The wine has intense aromas of coconut, vanilla, chocolate and raspberry.

It is a medium-bodied wine that contains a concentration of warm fruit flavours like raspberry, strawberry and plum.

There are also hints of vanilla and chocolate.

Tempranillo Reserve is a well-balanced wine that has a soft finish.

Food to have with this wine include spicy dishes and grilled red meat.

Vallonne Malbec Reserve

10 Best Indian to Drink - vallonne

This Indian wine has a distinct purple-red colour and is full-bodied with subtle tannins.

It has a smooth texture with hints of blackberry and raspberry.

The aromas of oak are balanced well with notes of vanilla and toast.

It ends with a soft and smooth textural finish.

To get the full potential of this red wine, it is best served at temperatures between 18°C and 20°C.

Vallonne Malbec Reserve is a versatile dinner wine, pairing well with grilled meats, biryani and curries.

Big Banyan Merlot

10 Best Indian Red Wines to Drink - banyan

Big Banyan Merlot is very smooth and an elegant red wine to have.

The ripe berries used for this wine reach their full potential during the warm Indian weather. This is evident in the wine’s plum finish.

It has hints of dark cherries, plums and blackberries when drinking.

Meanwhile, the fruity hints are there in the aroma among the spiciness of the black pepper.

It has a luminous red colour that has hints of violet when shone in the light.

The velvety tannins make it an ideal red wine to have with rich Indian food like lamb curries.

Alpine Vindiva Shiraz Reserve

10 Best Indian to Drink - alpine

Made in Bengaluru, this red wine is made with Shiraz and Syrah grapes.

Alpine Vindiva Shiraz Reserve has a rich fruity aroma with hints of saffron, pepper, rose and cocoa.

This rich dark red wine has edgy tannins with hints of pepper and cranberry on the palate.

This wine pairs well with red meat, pasta and lightly spiced food.

One reviewer said: “Strong and vivid. Perfect for pasta with meat.”

These 10 red wines offer a range of tastes and aromas, meaning there is something for everyone.

While some are fruity and light, others have a spicy taste and are full-bodied.

Whatever your preference is, these Indian red wines provide viable options when it comes to finding a quality red wine to try.

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