Best Beers to Have with a Curry

Finding the right beer to have with your curry can be a gastronomical challenge. We present the best beers to have with a curry and the ideal pairings.

best beers with a curry

The powerful malty taste with hints of citrus complements the spicy, rich Tikka Masala sauce.

The pairing of a good beer with a curry can really set aside the incredible flavours you can experience from this combination of cuisine and drink.

Although the word ‘curry’ is not Indian, there are many different types of curries which are made. Be they meat or even vegetable based.

Teaming a quality beer with a curry is a popular meal which many people relish.

There is something about the rich, spicy zing of an aromatic curry contrasting with the cool, crisp taste of a quality beer which people just love.

Beers come in different tastes to suit a variety of preferences and so does curry. So, getting the right beer to accompany your curry of choice can make a huge difference.

We look at some of the best beers to accompany a curry as well as specific pairings which will ensure a tasty experience when enjoying the combinations.

Cobra Beer

best beers

The beer was founded in 1989 by Lord Karan Bilimoria when he noticed that the local lager was too gassy to enjoy with food.

He came up with the idea of creating a smoother, less gassy beer to go with a curry.

It is a beer that would appeal to both ale drinkers and lager drinkers.

The crisp taste of Cobra sees it stocked in many UK curry houses.

Cobra’s gentle fizz and slight sweetness go perfectly with the coconut flavoured korma.

It especially goes with the korma’s ingredients like cashew nuts and cream.

Both have a mild taste, but the contrasting textures make them go well with each other.

The rich texture of a korma with the lightly carbonated Cobra Beer is a combination curry fans must try.


best beers

A staple in the British curry house, Kingfisher is India’s most popular beer.

It is one of India’s most profitable exports ever since the beer brand began shipping their products globally since the 1970s.

The fresh, clean taste of Kingfisher mean that is the perfect partner for any curry.

For the perfect curry to go with a Kingfisher beer, it has to be a tikka masala.

India’s most popular beer is something which should go with the most popular curry.

From a flavour perspective, Kingfisher has a slight bitterness to it which goes with the smokey flavour of a tikka masala.

The medium spice of a tikka masala is one which provides some heat against the refreshing taste of Kingfisher.

For an authentic curry house experience, India’s best beer must be drunk with the classic tikka masala.

Jaipur IPA

best beers

This pale ale is part of the Thornbridge Brewery which was founded in Derbyshire, England.

Although it is a beverage which is not from India, it is one of the best to enjoy at a curry house.

The golden pale ale is lightly carbonated with an aroma of lemon is ideal with a curry that is bursting with flavour.

It is best paired with curries such as a chicken tikka masala, achari chicken and chicken jalfrezi.

Enjoyed with these curries allows the two flavours perfectly mirror each other, making for a delicious meal.

The powerful malty taste with hints of citrus complements the spicy, rich sauce of the curries.

A mild bitterness throughout a pint of Jaipur IPA ensures that all the taste buds are in play.

Both are flavourful and enhances each other make for a fantastic food and drink combo.

Blue Moon

best beers

This beer is one which is brimming with flavour.

Usually, a beer which is full of flavour tends to be quite gassy, not this one as it has a smooth finish.

It is commonly served with a slice of fresh orange to bring out the Valencia orange peel used in the brewing.

This makes a bottle of Blue Moon the perfect choice at a curry house.

The perfect curry to be eaten alongside it is a rogan josh.

A rogan josh is a curry which incorporates many ingredients with a strong tomato base to create an intense flavour.

The spice from the dried chillies is ideal as its flavour contrasts the flavour of orange from a Blue Moon beer.

It adds a whole new dimension of flavour when pairing the two together.


best beers

This Thai beer is one which is commonly drunk with a curry.

It is a premium beer with a rich and distinct taste.

Many of the typical curries do not go well with it as the strong flavour of Singha beer will overpower them.

Red meats will work well with this beer. Especially, curries which are cooked until the meat is infused deeply with the spices.

So, lamb and beef curries are ideally paired with this beer.

For example, the South Asian beef and black pepper masala is one curry which can match the intense flavours of the beer, if not surpass it.

The medley of fiery black pepper and sweet coconut milk give off a sharp, but pleasing scent.

Both the curry and the beer have strong flavours that will heighten the flavours.

Singha is one of the best beers to wash down all the tender beef while adding more flavour to the strong black pepper.


best beers

The Singapore brewed beer is one beverage which can easily be paired with any type of curry.

It has a subtle flavour of malt in a lightly-carbonated amber coloured drink.

The beer’s discrete flavours ensure that the curry is the main event rather than the drink overpowering the actual food.

A curry which is best suited to go with it is a South Indian coconut fish curry.

The sweet flavour of the coconut goes well with the malty taste of the light beer.

Tender pieces of fish marinated in a creamy sauce provides heat and flavour, then is washed down with a refreshing Tiger beer.

Because Tiger beer can go well with many different curries, it is one of the best beers to have with a curry.

Curious IPA

best beers

This flavourful pale ale is brewed using the finest pale ale malt.

It is finished with Bramling Cross, a spicy blackcurrant flavour with a touch of citrus for a clean flavour.

Curious IPA is a beverage which is not well-known as some of the other beer brands but it is one which goes especially well with one spicy curry.

The madras is an Indian curry which is made with recipes from the South of India. It is full of flavour and plenty of heat.

It is a curry which is many beers do not pair well as it cannot match the strong flavours.

Curious IPA brings strong flavours as well which make it the ideal partner for such a curry.

The intense flavours compliment each other well. Spice of the deep red curry and the fruity taste of the pale ale.

Curious IPA also brings a hint of refreshing citrus meaning that it cools down the intense heat inside of your mouth.

Kernel Export Stout

best beers - kernel stout

Kernel Stout is brewed in London and has a distinct flavour. It is a combination of earthy hops, rich dark chocolate and cappuccino coffee texture.

Its dense taste can make it an exceptional pairing for red meat curries, tandoori meats or spicy lentil daals. It is not ideal for lighter and lesser spicer curries.

The creamy finish of the beer can make it a great addition to a spicy mutton or lamb curry (on the bone), which has been slow cooked.

Sips of the stout with its slight tartness will work very well with the tender curried mutton meat. Especially, if the dish has been cooked with cloves and all the rich spices expected in a mutton curry.

If pairing the stout with other curries make sure the curry is strong and rich enough to avoid the beer overpowering its taste.

Kernel Stout is a wonderful beer to have with a meaty rich, thick and zestful curry.

Bangla Beer

best beers

This Bengali beer goes great with a curry.

The light beer is not too gassy which means a curry can be enjoyed that much more.

Bangla has a mildly bitter flavour, but because it is light, it is refreshing.

One dish that goes with a Bangla beer is Bombay potatoes.

It is a familiar dish known for the golden colour of turmeric.

While it is not in a flavourful sauce like other curries, the potatoes are coated in a multitude of spices.

The garlic chilli flavour of the potatoes is a tasty dish which is even better when going hand in hand with Bangla beer.

A clean and smooth flavour of the beer is the complete opposite, however, the distinct flavours make it an ace combination for Indian cuisine lovers.

Lagunitas IPA

best beers

This American IPA is the perfect example of how a drink gives a great lift to the rich flavours of a dish.

Lagunitas IPA has a fruity taste of grapefruit with some sharpness of apple.

It is one that goes with the vegetarian dish, matar paneer.

This tasty vegetarian dish has a mixture of flavours, from the spicy sauce to the mild, creaminess of the cheese.

The smoothness of the brew and fruity tastes balance out the flavours.

It is a partnership designed to reach all of the taste buds.

A Lagunitas with Matar paneer is one that curry fans should try to experience a full range of flavours.

Goa Premium Beer

best beers - goa beer

Goa Premium Beer is brewed and made in Goa, India, and imported to the UK. It is a gluten-free beer and based on malt and maize.

The beer is actually produced with the clear waters from goa to produce a lovely crisp tasting beer.

When this beer is enjoyed with a spicy curry, the taste of the malt really works well with a clear aftertaste hitting your palate.

It goes well with spicy curries of all kinds including meat and vegetarian types. But one curry it will work with as a naturally expected pairing is spicy Goan fish curry.

The spicy fish curry enjoyed with Goa Premium Beer will allow you to combine the heat from the curry mix it with the velvet texture of the malt in the beer.

One worth trying for a special night out or to impress your friends when making that spicy curry to enjoy with a beer.

Pilsner Urquell

best beers

This Czech lager is one of many beers which goes well with a curry.

It provides a range of flavour which is similar to many curries.

Pilsner Urquell is fantastic alongside a jalfrezi.

The flavours of the beer handle each element of the classic curry.

The beer has a caramelised sweetness which elevates the depth of tomato in the dish.

A slight spicy fragrance provides a refreshing finish and adds to the flavours of onion and garlic in the jalfrezi.

It is one combo people must have to fully enjoy a night out at a curry house or a night in for a special treat.

John Smith’s Extra Smooth

best beers

John Smith’s is brewed in Yorkshire, England and has been the highest selling bitter since the 1990s.

The Extra Smooth variant is pasteurised to ensure a smooth, creamy texture, making this bitter lighter than other brands.

It has a distinct flavour which combines malt and caramel for a balance of fruitiness and bitterness.

The richness in the flavour of an Extra Smooth John Smith’s makes it go well with curries which have a full-bodied texture, both vegetarian and meat types.

One curry which works naturally is a lamb rendang as they both match up well in terms of rich flavours.

The spiciness of the rendang works well with the smoothness of John Smith’s.

A hint of lime is present in the curry which allows you to combine it with the subtle fruitiness of the bitter.

It is worth trying this pairing to experience two contrasting sets of flavours which enhance one another.

Augustiner Weissbier

best beers

This Bavaria beer is a brand of weissbier which literally translates to ‘white beer’ and derives from ‘wheat beer’.

It follows the German tradition of mixing at least 50% wheat to barley malt to make a light coloured top-fermenting beer.

However, Augustiner has flavourings of cloves and banana which gives a slightly sweet taste.

Mild hop flavours make bitterness minimal.

This wheat beer is most notable for its distinct flavour which makes it an ideal pairing with any type of bhuna curry. For example, chicken bhuna, lamb bhuna and prawn bhuna.

The deep flavours of a bhuna go well as the smokey, sweetness from the peppers contributes to the sweet banana taste of Augustiner Weissbier.

For those who like a sweet flavour from their meal, this curry and beer combination is one to try.

White Rhino Lager

best beers

White Rhino is India’s first craft beer to be brewed and bottled in Malanpur, India.

The beer combines earthy hops for a bitter taste, but mountain filtered water used in the brewing ensures a crisp, refreshing taste.

A lager with a bitter taste is one which goes particularly well with a vegetable dish.

One dish which enhances the bitter flavours of White Rhino is the vegetarian dish aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower).

A dish that is full of flavour,  aloo gobi is a curry that combines earthy potatoes with the slightly nutty tasting cauliflower.

These flavours from the curry pairs well with the smooth, bitter White Rhino lager.

For a full experience in flavour, wash down a spicy, smoky roasted aloo gobi with a silky smooth White Rhino lager.

Curries and beer are a match which many people love.

The contrast in hot spice and a crisp refreshing taste is a sensory experience that food lovers must try.

These pairings should give you are a great start to enjoy the right kind of beers to balance with your richly flavoured curries.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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