10 Indian Restaurants in Coventry to Visit

When it comes to dining out and enjoying authentic Indian cuisine, there are some places that stand out. Here are 10 eateries in Coventry.

10 Indian Restaurants in Coventry to Visit f

When preparing each meal, special attention is taken

There are several Indian restaurants in Coventry that boast rich flavours and authentic food.

Eateries range from traditional to contemporary but all of them are enjoyed by locals and visitors to the city.

Given that Coventry is the 2021 City of Culture, it might be worth checking out these restaurants.

Situated all over the city, these restaurants have their own house specialities which are loved by diners.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has prevented them from opening, many of them offer a takeaway service, meaning that customers can still enjoy their food.

And when lockdown measures are eased, it is guaranteed that these restaurants will be booming once again.

Here are 10 Indian restaurants in Coventry which are worth a try!

Turmeric Gold

10 Indian Restaurants in Coventry to Visit - turmeric

Turmeric Gold is an Indian restaurant you must visit if you are in Coventry.

Set in a mid-13th century building in the heart of Medieval Coventry, this award-winning eatery serves authentic Indian dishes in a comfortable dining room and majestic tent-style area.

The traditional, but luxury atmosphere aims to provide a regal experience to all diners.

When preparing each meal, special attention is taken, with a focus on healthily preparing each dish. This means that minimum oils, colouring and salts are used.

Some of their most popular dishes include Fish Amritsar and Lamb Chop Lababh.

However, their Roaring Tiger House Special Biryani must be tried if you are looking for a luxurious Indian meal.

It is made up of basmati rice steamed with whole spices, chicken, prawns and king prawns. The dish is served alongside a flavourful lamb curry.

While the food is delicious, the experience is even better and the Maharaja dining area will guarantee that.

My Dhabba

10 Indian Restaurants in Coventry to Visit - my dhabba

Located in the city centre, My Dhabba is a popular Indian restaurant that serves a wide range of traditional meals in a relaxed setting.

Pakistani dishes are also served and the vastly experienced chef showcases an instinctive ability to bring spices to life for a unique taste.

The proof is in the mouth-watering meals.

Dishes include Aloo Peppers and Salmon Dhamaal. But one speciality is a huge hit, especially among vegetarians.

Their Kanaya Lal is made up of fresh spinach, mushrooms, potatoes, daal, mixed peppers and onions. It is layered with fresh spices and topped with coriander.

The result is a plethora of flavour which will guarantee a satisfying meal.

The Coventry restaurant is a huge hit with locals and visitors.

One TripAdvisor user wrote: “Doing a bit of travelling, landed in Coventry hungry craving some authentic Indian food and My Dhabba happened to be nearby.

“Walked the restaurant twice, until one of the staff Danny stopped me and my friends and invited us in.

“We were left satisfied, lovely food (chicken daygi) excellent service, plus friendly staff too.”

The Farmhouse

10 Indian Restaurants in Coventry to Visit - farmhouse (1)

The Farmhouse may not sound like an Indian restaurant but it is known for its innovative Indian dishes.

Located near Hearsall Common, The Farmhouse offers both British and Indian meals in a large pub setting.

With their well-decorated garden, visitors can enjoy outdoor dining during the summer months.

Upon arrival, friendly staff members greet you and are there to cater to all your requirements.

Dishes range from traditional to contemporary but all feature recognisable Indian flavours.

For example, The Sizzler allows diners to have their choice of meat, fish or vegetables. It is then served on a cast-iron sizzling plate.

Another popular option is the Punjabi Lamb Shank. It is gently braised for five hours and served with pilau rice and coriander naan.

But their Bombay Bad Boy is certainly one of the most well-known dishes. A 10-ounce sirloin steak is marinated in a secret sauce and serve alongside homemade coleslaw and The Farmhouse’s signature spicy chips.

The Farmhouse even has celebrity fans. The likes of comedian Guz Khan and cricketer Imran Tahir have visited this Coventry establishment.

Meriden Spice

10 Indian Restaurants in Coventry to Visit - meriden

Meriden Spice is renowned for its Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine and casual dining environment.

Situated on Old Road, Meriden, the restaurant is not far away from other attractions like Birmingham’s NEC and Resorts World.

This means you can enjoy a delicious Indian meal and go out for entertainment afterwards.

As well as indoor dining, Meriden Spice also offers a takeaway and home delivery service.

Its extensive menu ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy. From Biryani to Tandoori, there is a wide variety available.

The Murgh Masala is tandoori chicken cooked with lamb keema and tomatoes.

A milder option in the Paneer Tikka Makhani. Paneer is cooked in fenugreek and flavoured in a creamy tomato sauce.

Student Akash ordered from the restaurant and said:

“I ordered for the first time and was very impressed. The food was hot, on time and well cooked.

“The Murgh Chilli Bihar was spot on. Definitely will order again.”

Pickles Indian & Grill Cuisine

10 Indian Restaurants in to Visit - pickles

Located on the outskirts of Coventry city centre, Pickles Indian & Grill Cuisine offers a modern atmosphere within a friendly environment.

The restaurant offers Indian classics like Tikka Masala and Bhuna but it is their grilled dishes that are most popular.

The Tandoori Mixed Grill is a combination of meat and chicken marinated in spices and cooked perfectly in a traditional tandoor.

Diners are left satisfied with the sizzling meats that are full of flavour.

This is the same with every dish as the kitchen staff have more than 40 years of experience within the restaurant business.

For those looking for a good Indian grill restaurant in Coventry, Pickles Indian & Grill Cuisine is the place to go.

Shimla Spice

10 Indian Restaurants in to Visit - shimla

Shimla Spice is a contemporary restaurant in the heart of Coventry and it specialises in Indian and Bangladeshi food.

It is an award-winning eatery, having won the TripAdvisor ‘Travellers Choice Winner’ award in 2020.

On its varied menu, the ‘Signature’ curries are where to go if you’re looking for an authentic Indian meal.

The Chicken Tamarind boasts hot and sour flavours while the Bangalore is a delicious mild option.

The Tikka meats are tender and layered with a variety of spices in order to please the palette.

Rice dishes such as coconut and mushroom are pleasing additions to your meals.

Programme Coordinator Whitney said:

“The food really good and cooked to your requirements, whether you like it spicy or with a little less heat.”

“The menu is extensive with some really lovely dishes on there.”


10 Indian Restaurants in to Visit - akbar

Not too far away from Pickles Indian & Grill Cuisine is Akbars.

The restaurant has a modern environment and serves the classics as well as Indian tapas.

With a diverse menu, diners with different preferences can find something they can enjoy.

Classics like the Dupiaza and Korma are safe curry options to go for.

However, it is the chef’s specials which must be tried. Chicken Jaipuri and Chilli Masala are just two of the choices.

The chef recommends the Naga Special, and it is chicken or lamb cooked with the Naga chilli. The result is a very spicy but tasty curry.

Other dishes include an array of Balti and Biryani. Whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed by this Coventry curry house.

Masala Jacks

10 Indian Restaurants in to Visit - jacks

Masala Jacks is located in Holbrooks and its combination of delicious food and relaxing atmosphere has brought a lot of acclaim.

According to the restaurant’s website, the menu is known for offering a unique taste of real Indian cuisine.

Each meal is prepared using the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Like other Indian restaurants, Masala Jacks has the classics like Butter Chicken and Jalfrezi.

But it is their Karahi Specials which they are known for. Lamb Chops, Chicken Tikka and Seekh Kebab are just some of the options.

These dishes boast layers of flavour and are cooked to order. They are typically made for sharing either between two or four people.

The chilled environment is enough to entice people but the food ensures that they keep coming back.

Bombay Joes

10 Indian Restaurants in to Visit - joes

Bombay Joes is situated on Walsgrave Road and it delivers exquisite Indian food in an intimate setting.

The Coventry restaurant provides diners with an elegant and contemporary atmosphere.

When it comes to the food, the vastly experienced chef sets high standards to achieve the greatest levels of customer satisfaction.

Each dish is made using fresh ingredients to guarantee authentic Indian cuisine.

The eatery offers traditional curries in meat, seafood and vegetarian varieties.

There is also a range of specialities such as the Paneer Tikka Masala and Tandoori King Prawn Masala.

The website states that the aim is to tantalise diners with the flavours of India, therefore, if flavour is what you want, then Bombay Joes is a restaurant to try out.

The Rupee Lounge

10 Indian Restaurants in to Visit - rupee

The Rupee Lounge prides itself on creating each dish with a distinctive flavour.

The restaurant states that the spices have to be prepared each day fresh for each individual dish.

A lot of the tasty dishes are cooked in the Tandoor. All of those dishes are marinated in yoghurt along with a blend of herbs and spices.

This cooking process ensures that the flavours are sealed in while the dish is tender.

The extensive menu features some delicious options at a reasonable price.

One example is the Desi Karahi which can be made with either chicken or lamb.

This Punjabi dish is cooked with herbs, spices and chillies to provide a subtle kick to your palette.

Another option is the King Prawn Nawabi Pasanda which is cooked with almonds and cream. The result is a silky smooth seafood dish.

With a dedication to authentic Indian cuisine, this Coventry restaurant is a must-try.

Many of these restaurants have their own set of devoted diners who keep coming back for the delicious food.

Visiting these restaurants are a wholesome experience and whether you go for a traditional meal or something more innovative, you will be left feeling satisfied.

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