Nymble creates Food Robot to make Indian meals from Scratch

Indian food startup Nymble is creating a cooking robot that has the ability to create a collection of Indian dishes from scratch.

Nymble creates Food Robot to make Indian meals from Scratch f

"among the more fascinating pieces of tech"

Indian startup Nymble is creating a food robot that can cook a variety of Indian meals from scratch.

The robot, named ‘Julia’, is the Bengaluru-based startup’s newest invention.

Although not the first cooking robot to be created, Julia has the ability to create a collection of traditional Indian dishes.

As well as this, the robot does not take up as much space as similar inventions.

According to Nymble’s website, users can also tweak the recipes to their liking.

Users can have Julia make their dishes more or less spicy, and increase or decrease the amount of ingredients used.

Julia also has a camera module, which creators are calling the ‘Chef’s Eye’.

The Chef’s Eye has both thermal and conventional imaging, to ensure that the food is cooking evenly and at the right temperature.

Demonstrating how Nymble’s cooking robot works, Twitter user Mannu Amrit has taken to the platform to showcase how Julia cooks a typical Indian meal.

His tweets came on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.

Amrit’s first tweet read:

“Day 1 of a week-long (free) private alpha trial of @EatwithNymble at our home in Bangalore – among the more fascinating pieces of tech I’ve got my hands on in recent times.”

Mannu Amrit then goes on to upload step-by-step videos showing how Julia cooks his meal.

You see him pick his desired dish (Paneer Bhurji) from a range of options such as chicken curry, kheer and gajar halwa.

He then adds cut vegetables to the provided containers, which double up as weighing scales for portion control.

After inserting the containers into the robot, he adds spice pods for adding flavour to the dish. Then, Julia does the rest.

Amrit filmed Julia’s wiper-like attachment as she moved the ingredients around the pan to cook them evenly.

Mannu Amrit’s last tweet of the thread shows the finished product made by Julia.

The tweet reads: “Dinner is served.

“Cooking time by Julia was around 25 mins. Took 5-10 mins of prep on my end in the beginning.”

Nymble’s cooking robot is still undergoing the alpha testing stage.

Therefore, it will be a while before Julia hits the market.

However, she will certainly come in handy for those living alone without access to home-cooked meals.

As well as this, Nymble’s robot seems to be a time-saving alternative for the more cumbersome of Indian dishes.

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Images courtesy of Mannu Amrit Twitter

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