7 Top Restaurants in Coventry to Visit for Kebab

Kebabs have quickly become a tasty delicacy in the UK. Here are some of the top restaurants to visit in Coventry for kebabs.

Diners can also enjoy a kilo of seekh kebab

Kebabs are very popular in the UK and in a lot of cases, they are in Indian restaurants.

This is due to the spices – that are typical of Indian cuisine – used to marinate the meat.

The kebab has had a long history as it is said that it originated in Turkey when soldiers used to grill chunks of freshly hunted animals skewed on swords on open fires.

Today, a range of meats are used and combined with spices to create different kebab variations.

While a well-known kebab is Doner, ones that are typically seen in Indian restaurants include Tikka and Seekh.

While they are mostly a starter option, they do also come part of a large platter.

In Coventry, there are several restaurants that are known for their flavourful kebabs.

Here is a selection of the top restaurants to visit if you are longing for one.

Masala Jacks

Top Restaurants in Coventry to Visit for Kebab - jacks

Located in Holbrooks, Masala Jacks offers a unique taste of authentic Indian cuisine.

This includes its Karahi Specials, featuring Lamb Chops, Chicken Tikka and Seekh Kebab.

Masala Jacks offers chicken and lamb seekh kebabs. Both are spiced with onions, garlic, coriander and green chillies before being cooked over charcoal.

This ensures that the meat is cooked through but remains moist inside.

Diners can also enjoy a kilo of seekh kebab, making it an ideal sharing option.

The chilled environment is enough to entice people but the food ensures that they keep coming back.

Roti Junction

Top Restaurants in Coventry to Visit for Kebab - roti

Roti Junction on Stoney Stanton Road is said to be one of Coventry’s best kebab takeaways.

The kebabs on offer are cooked with fresh ingredients.

Some of the options include Seekh Kebab, Shammi Kebab and even a Doner Burger.

Every kebab is brimming with layers of flavour thanks to the array of spices that the meat is marinated in.

But it is not just the delicious kebabs that are on offer, Roti Junction also serves up authentic Indian sweets.

Popular choices include halwa and jalebi. Another option is zarda which is a sweet rice dish, made with saffron, milk and sugar, and flavoured with cardamoms, raisins, pistachios or almonds.


Foleshill’s Zeenat is an Afghani restaurant that is known for its kebabs.

A recommended dish is the Mixed Grill, which includes a variety of grilled meats. It has Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Lamb Chops, Chicken Wings, and a choice of Chicken or Lamb Seekh Kebab.

It comes with a yoghurt and chilli sauce, adding even more flavour to the moist kebab.

This can be enjoyed with one of the many naan bread options on offer.

One Tripadvisor user said:

“The food was delicious and well made, especially the kebab which was authentic as you could get.”

“The mains were also spot on. We sat upstairs and I’m not quite sure if there is seating downstairs. This is somewhere I would visit again if I was in the area.”

Turmeric Gold

Top Restaurants in Coventry to Visit for Kebab - turmeric

If you want to enjoy kebabs and an elegant meal, then Turmeric Gold is a restaurant to visit.

Set in a mid-13th century building in the heart of Medieval Coventry, this award-winning eatery serves authentic Indian dishes in a comfortable dining room and majestic tent-style area.

The traditional, but luxury atmosphere aims to provide a regal experience to all diners.

When preparing each meal, special attention is taken, with a focus on healthily preparing each dish. This means that minimum oils, colouring and salts are used.

Seekh Kebab is a starter to try out. The meat is marinated with a variety of spices and served with mango salsa, presenting a welcoming contrast of sweet and spicy.

One recommendation is Chef’s Khazana, which features a selection of Seekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Onion Bhaji and Samosas.

It is the perfect starter before a fulfilling main meal.

Maharaja Grill and Balti House

The Pilot Pub has been renovated into Maharaja Grill and Balti House and with this comes great Indian food.

It has a huge menu featuring tandoori meat and vegetarian options.

Maharaja Grill and Balti House also serve delicious kebabs that have been chargrilled to perfection.

One recommendation that serves four is the Maharaja Mix Grill.

It has Chicken Tikka, Chicken Seekh, Chicken Wings, Chicken Doner, Lamb Chops, Lamb Seekh, Lamb Doner, Fish Masala and Chips.

Rajni Devi said:

“I would highly recommend this place as the food was really tasty and the portion size was good.”

“The customer service was great as when I called to confirm the delivery time the guy I spoke to was polite and even though they were really busy he did not rush the call, I will definitely be ordering again!”

The Farmhouse

Top Restaurants in Coventry to Visit for Kebab - farmhouse (1)

Located near Hearsall Common, The Farmhouse offers both British and Indian meals in a large pub setting.

With their well-decorated garden, visitors can enjoy outdoor dining during the summer months.

Dishes range from traditional to contemporary but all feature recognisable Indian flavours.

This includes its Gulafi Seekh Kebab and Afghani Seekh Kebab.

Gulafi Seekh Kebab is marinated chicken mince, mixed with cheese and cooked in the tandoor.

The Afghani Seekh Kebab, on the other hand, is a combination of lamb and beef blended with secret herbs and spices.

The FH Sharer comes with both kebabs, Amritsari Fish Pakora, Chargrilled Lamb Chops and French Trimmed Drumsticks.

If you’re looking for a more innovative take on kebabs, then visit The Farmhouse.

My Dhabba

10 Indian Restaurants in Coventry to Visit - my dhabba

Located in the city centre, My Dhabba is a popular Indian restaurant that serves a wide range of traditional meals in a relaxed setting.

It also serves a variety of kebabs.

My Dhabba offers chicken and lamb seekh kebab. But it also serves Fish Shami Kebab, which is a fish patty blended with herbs and spices and cooked.

It even appeals to vegetarians, serving chargrilled Vegetable Seekh Kebab.

Like other restaurants, My Dhabba has a Mixed Grill that features kebabs as well as grilled foods such as lamb chops, chicken tikka and chicken wings.

The variety of dishes is what diners loved about My Dhabba as one person said:

“Plenty of variety including loads of fish, prawn and salmon dishes.”

These Coventry restaurants serve delicious kebabs that are loved by diners, ensuring that they come back for more.

If you are looking to enjoy mouth-watering kebabs and are in Coventry, then try these restaurants out.

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