7 Top Places to Buy Indian Sweets in Coventry

When it comes to buying authentic Indian sweets, there are some standout places. Here are seven of the best places in Coventry.

"You will get all Indian sweets here."

There are several places in Coventry that sell Indian sweets, boasting rich flavours and vibrant colours.

They are enjoyed by locals and visitors to the city.

Indian sweets span a variety of treats with contrasting flavours and textures. These include barfi, jalebi, peda and halwa among many others.

Coventry is home to several places that serve these sweets and many are located in Foleshill, specifically on Foleshill Road.

Foleshill has a large South Asian population and is in fact the only one of the 18 wards in Coventry where ethnic minorities form a majority of the population.

This means that there are many places that cater to the locals’ needs and this includes Indian sweet shops.

Check out seven of the best places in Coventry that serve Indian sweets.

Panjab Sweet Centre

7 Top Places to Buy Indian Sweets in Coventry -panjab

Panjab Sweet Centre is located on Foleshill Road and is known for its variety of Indian sweets.

Some of the most popular ones sold include jalebi, ladoo and its different flavours of barfi.

But Panjab Sweet Centre is not just a place to get Indian sweet treats.

In addition to selling sweets, it is known for its Punjabi street food. This includes samosa chaat and chole bhature.

What makes this eatery so popular is the cheap prices.

One person said: “If you are looking for a taste of India you can definitely go here.

“We had naan, chapati, chole, pulau, samosa and tadka daal for just £13. So it was very cheap.

“You will get all Indian sweets here.”

Another said: “I recommend this Punjabi restaurant!

“The food is delicious, and the staff offers excellent service! They have great meals and Indian desserts.

“Also, I have appreciated their sweets packing method, nice box.”

Standard Sweet Centre

7 Top Places to Buy Indian Sweets in Coventry -standard

Standard Sweet Centre was established in 1975 and is one of Coventry’s first Indian sweet shops.

The family-run business developed a reputation for creating elegant sweets that boast unique tastes thanks to fresh ingredients and traditional recipes.

Some of the delicious sweets on offer include mithai, peda and ras malai.

These and many more sweets are ideal for special occasions, which is what Standard Sweet Centre prides itself on.

Savoury dishes at the restaurant include samosas, spring rolls, aloo tikki as well as authentic curries.

One reviewer said: “By far the best samosas in town!

“The curries are lovely and they have the best range of Indian sweets!

“All packaged beautifully for a special occasion. The management are really friendly and the prices are very reasonable.”

The restaurant has an authentic homely feel and friendly welcoming staff, making it a great place to visit when buying Indian sweets.

Sweet Memories

7 Top Places to Buy Indian Sweets in Coventry -sweet

Another family-run Indian sweet business is Sweet Memories.

Located on Foleshill Road, Sweet Memories offer a wide selection of delicious Indian sweets that are available in different flavours for any occasion and are made using traditional recipes.

Homemade sweets include chum chum and ladoo.

But one of the highlights is its range of barfis. There are many flavours available such as besan, almond, coconut and pistachio among many others.

The authentic sweets are what customers love and it is the reason why so many of them come back for more.

One customer said: “The Indian sweet selection is very good and reasonably priced. You can buy mixed boxes or just stick to your fave ones.”

Nima’s Foods

7 Top Places to Buy Indian Sweets in Coventry - nima

Nima’s Foods offers a wide range of tasty sweets that can be bought in different portion sizes.

Different varieties of ladoo and barfi come in portions of three, six or nine.

In addition to the Indian sweets, customers can enjoy an array of authentic curries as well as dosas and samosas.

According to the website: “In Indian culture, eating isn’t just about feeding the body but also feeding the soul, our takeaway and restaurant engage all of your senses.

“We offer a world of flavours and spices, which all comes together to create a dining experience that will transport you to another world.

One reviewer stated: “Such a lovely mittai (Indian sweets, desserts and savoury dishes) place.”

Another said: “Small but good eatery especially for the Gujarati people.”

Eastern Diner

One of the less obvious places in Coventry to buy Indian sweets is Eastern Diner.

The Foleshill Road eatery is better known for its fast food like kebabs, curries and burgers.

But it does have a few delicious sweets on offer.

The restaurant sells freshly made jalebi and kulfi.

It also serves sweet and creamy falooda.

One person said: “They offer a wide range of food. Was delicious and affordable.”

Roti Junction

Another kebab restaurant that also serves Indian sweets is Roti Junction on Stoney Stanton Road.

Said to be one of Coventry’s best kebab takeaways, Roti Junction serves a selection of kebabs that are cooked with fresh ingredients.

For dessert, customers can choose from a variety of authentic Indian sweets. Popular choices include halwa and jalebi.

Another option is zarda which is a sweet rice dish, made with saffron, milk and sugar, and flavoured with cardamoms, raisins, pistachios or almond

One review read: “It’s a taste of India. Both quality and quantity are good.

“Non-veg curries are awesome and the prices are very reasonable. Must try this restaurant.”

Nafees Bakers & Sweets

Nafees Bakers & Sweets have been serving customers since 1979 as Europe’s largest South Asian sweets producer.

It produces baked goods, snacks, savouries, biscuits, signature rusks and fresh cakes.

Nafees has more than 20 branches both nationally and internationally, with more stores on the way soon.

In Coventry, Nafees is located on Foleshill Road and it serves up mouthwatering sweets.

It offers everything from barfi to gajar halwa and its sophisticated aesthetics is what keeps its customers returning.

One person said: “All types of Pakistani/Indian sweets and savoury snacks available. They also do chaat, falooda, kheer and ras malai.”

As the customer demands grow, so do Nafees.

Many of these sweet places have built a loyal customer base that sees them coming back for more of the delicious sweets.

If you are looking for a quality place in Coventry that sells authentic Indian sweets, check these ones out.

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