12 Best Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK

Desi clothes are a staple in a South Asian woman’s wardrobe. We list 12 great online shops where you can buy Desi clothes in the UK.

12 Best Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK - f

“A modern twist to the classic South Asian silhouette”

Salwar kameez, kurtas, saris and lehengas are all well-loved Desi clothes in a South Asian woman’s wardrobe.

Shopping for that perfect Desi item for a wedding or event can be an enjoyable process.

When it comes to shopping for Desi clothes in the UK, you are spoilt for choice.

Places like Southall and Green Street around London, along with Soho Road and Stratford Road in Birmingham are brilliant for fancy occasions and wedding wear.

Those shops have been selling good quality, unique tailor-made Desi clothes for decades.

They are well-loved amongst the Desi community and it is important to support those local South Asian businesses.

However, from 2010 onwards there has also been an abundance of online Desi clothes shops opening in the UK.

With the vast expansion of Instagram, many Desi clothes shops have appeared and become popular on this platform.

If you are not easily able to travel to the Desi clothes hotspots in the UK, then online shopping can be a great option.

It allows you to browse more efficiently, comfortably and discover new items you may have otherwise missed.

The shops listed offer a range of items for everyone’s style. These include unique kurtas, casual suits and exquisite saris.

DESIblitz has compiled a list of 12 amazing online shops, selling Desi clothes, that you should check out.

MZ Asian Collection12 Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK - MZ Asian

MZ Asian are a home-grown business selling Pakistani clothing.

The company targets to bring a snapshot of South Asian culture through its products:

“MZ Asian collection aims to bring you all of the latest designs from South Asian fashion.”

The company on their website continues to state:

“Nothing beats the colours, fabrics and prints of our rich culture. Shop with confidence for quality.”

MZ Asian originally started off by selling via Instagram. However, after gaining popularity and over 50,000 followers they launched their website in 2020.

Their collection mainly includes one-piece kurtis in bright colours.

The kurti can be worn casually or dressed up with accessories for fancier occasions. Some of their kurta designs are available in more than one colour.

They also have some plain black and white trousers on their website, which you can purchase to pair with the kurta.

Alongside the classic kurta dresses, MZ Asian also sell some unique kurta designs such as peplum midi dresses, midi kurti with koti jackets as well as kurtas with statement sleeves.

The prices for the kurti range between a modest £21 to £46.

MZ Asian also offers a few statement dupattas (shawls) that you could pair with a plain salwar kameez for an on-trend Desi look.

Occasionally, they offer some traditional footwear such as khussas, Peshwari chappals and truck art sliders.

With this store, you have to be quick if something catches your eye. Due to popularity, they tend to sell out of popular designs fairly quickly.

Check out their website here and Instagram page here.

Zaus Fashion12 Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK - Zaus

Zaus Fashion, established in 2017, is a Desi clothes brand mainly selling one-piece kurtis.

They sell a range of brightly coloured kurtis in gorgeous patterns and sleeve designs. The kurtis are reasonably priced at around £20.

Kurtis are a great way to have a bit more freedom with South Asian fashion, as they can be styled in multiple ways.

You can wear them with leggings, salwars, wide-leg trousers or even with jeans for more of a fusion look.

Zaus Fashion kurtis are quite casual, yet can easily be dressed up or down with accessories.

Customers frequently praise them for their designs.

A customer writing on Instagram about the practicality of Zaus Fashion pieces revealed:

“The material is amazing…Felt so comfortable, none of those jazzy heavy clothes, very soft and light. Will definitely be ordering again!”

If you are a fan of simple casual Desi clothes, Zaus Fashion is the one to check out.

Explore their website here and their Instagram page here.

Diya Online

12 Top Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK

Diya Online, founded in 2005, is an online Desi clothes store that sells a range of Indian and Pakistani clothing.

They have a wide collection available to suit many styles and interests.

Their collection boasts Punjabi suits, Pakistani lawn suits, sarees, Banarasi suits, lehengas, jacket suits and Gharara suits.

The store sells both casual and fancy Desi clothes at prices to suit all budgets. Their women’s collection is priced between £9.99 to £150.

In addition, Diya Online frequently have sales on, so if you keep your eye out for these you could bag yourself some real bargains.

Unlike other Desi clothes stores, Diya Online’s sizes are extremely inclusive, they offer a range of sizes from XXS to XXL.

In most South Asian clothes stores it’s hard for women to find larger sizes, so it is great to see a variety of options here.

Aside from the stunning Desi clothes on offer, they sell traditional South Asian jewellery such as gorgeous jhumkas and tikkas.

Diya Online’s clothing is inspired by recent on-trend styles, as well as celebrity looks and international runways.

While they are inspired by modern designs, their mission is to never compromise on quality. They combine rich fabrics and artisanal embroidery techniques to make unique Desi clothes.

Diya Online spoke on the quality of their clothing, expressing:

“What sets us apart is our purpose to provide a unique, in-house designed collection.”

They continue:

“Our sourcing and design teams scour markets all across Asia to procure the best fabrics and textures to provide to our customers with on-trend collections.”

Alongside womenswear, Diya Online has an extensive children collection for both boys and girls.

The boy’s collection includes 2-piece casual and formal salwar kameez suits, all ranging between £14.99 and £36.99.

While the girl’s collection includes a selection of 3-piece casual and formal suits in a range of designs such as lehengas, ghararas, lawn suits, and the classic salwar kameez.

The prices range from £19.99 to £15.99. The girl’s collection also includes a wide selection of sizes between 12 months to 16 years.

Recently they have launched a ‘mummy and me’ Desi clothes collection, so parents have the option to twin with their little ones.

Their beautiful men’s collection includes minimal salwar kameez suits, kurtas, jubbas, as well as matching waistcoats. The price in the men’s collection range between £15 – £39.99.

Discover their fascinating designs here along with their Instagram here.

I Luv Designer12 Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK - I LUV DESIGNER

I Luv Designer are one of the largest Pakistani multi-brand stores in the UK.

You can guarantee their stock is authentic, as they sell 100% original Pakistani designer salwar kameez suits.

Their collection brings some top Pakistani premium brands, that are go-to’s for good quality Desi clothes, to the UK.

Some of the brands they sell include, Khaadi, Maria B, Baroque, Sana Safinaz, and many more!

Their prices tend to vary quite a lot depending on the brand. Ranging from £17 for more casualwear to £225 for those statement ensembles at more formal occasions.

Some of the suits they sell are suitable for weddings, while others are more suited to semi-formal events.

I Luv Designer have also catered towards menswear, exhibiting a vast number of basic yet essential kurtas to more glossy and fitted waistcoats.

Their childrenswear line is also impressive. Showcasing intricate, cultural and innovative designs that in some cases outshine the other collections.

I Luv Designer also have a physical store located on Carlisle Road in Bradford!

Check out their website here and Instagram here.

Arisha Clothing12 Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK - Arisha Clothing

Arisha Clothing launched in May 2017 and offers classy formal and semi-formal 3-piece salwar kameez suits. They aim to bring you the latest designs in Asian womenswear.

The pieces in their collection give off a very soft and elegant vibe that is perfect for dinner parties or occasions.

Some of the designs by Arisha Clothing include lace embroidery, as well as net embroidered dupattas.

Similar to I Luv Designer, Arisha Clothing also stocks some major South Asian brands such as Limelight and Firdous.

The ensembles ooze in the colour and culture of South Asia with dazzling patterns and textures suitable for everyone.

Their prices vary depending on the design, but their fancier outfits are usually priced between £39.99 – £59.99.

Check out their website here and their Instagram here.

Unique Collection 

12 Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK - Unique Collection

The name of this Desi clothes company definitely describes their clothing well.

Unique Collection have a range of 3-piece salwar kameez suits that are suitable for everyone’s tastes.

They sell heavily embroidered chiffon shirts with contrast dupattas, embroidered lawn suits, handmade mirror frocks, as well as suits with pearl lace designs.

The suits range between £35.00 to £95.00.

As a clothing brand, they are quite established on social media, with over 66,000 followers on Instagram.

This is representative of their creativity and ambitions as a brand. Having started their worldwide shipping, their reach to fashionistas is limitless.

Unique Collection release new stock quite frequently. Due to their popularity, their suits sell out quickly, so if you see something that catches your eye you should grab it.

Check out their website here and their Instagram here.

Want That Label

12 Top Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK

Want That Label is a Desi clothing company founded by a fashion designer who wanted to create a business for the “eastern divas”.

The Want That Label website explains:

“We work with suppliers throughout the globe, to ensure all garments are made with love & care to a high standard, bringing you best in the latest Pakistani & Indian brands without the expensive price tag.”

Their collection contains a range of Desi suits from original brands such as Agha Noor, Bin Saeed and Maria B. They also sell some designer replicas.

Finding matching ‘mummy and me’ outfits can be quite difficult but Want That Label have a small range of matching outfits without jeopardising design or quality.

This collection includes embroidered maxi dresses, Balochi mirrored Anarkali frock suits, as well as Afghan-inspired suits.

The children’s suits are priced at £42, while the womenswear ranges between £25 to £95.

Check out their website here and their Instagram here.

Al Karim12 Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK - Al Karim

Al Karim is a Pakistani clothing brand that sells lawn suits, as well as more formal and semi-formal salwar kameez suits.

The salwar kameez suits they sell have a very soft, elegant and feminine vibe to them. Their clothing is elegant, yet not over the top or heavy, they provide a classy look.

They also offer a bespoke service for bridal outfits. There is a section on their website where you can request a consultation in order to discuss their bespoke service.

Al Karim’s clothing is popular amongst bloggers and influencers.

Instagrammer, Mehrunnisa, known as @forever.fleek has frequently been seen in Al Karim clothing.

Also, on Eid in 2021, popular beauty Instagrammer and Youtuber, Aysha Begum, wore one of the cream suits from Al Karim. She stated:

“This suit is from @alkarimofficial honestly love everything on their page!”

Al Karim’s suits retail from £18 to £70, fitting in with most budgets to the delight of customers.

Check out their website here and their Instagram here.

Ariana Boutique

12 Top Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK

Ariana Boutique is a company selling sophisticated and timeless ready-made South Asian clothing.

They sell a range of casual lawn suits, semi-formal salwar kameez suits, sharara suits, kurtas and party wear.

Matching ‘mummy and me’ outfits are the cutest and Ariana Boutique offer a whole range of pieces so you can match with your little one.

The ‘mummy and me’ collection include many formal pieces reasonably priced between £29.99 – £49.99.

Ariana Boutique have been frequently praised for their lovely outfits and excellent customer service, with one customer stating:

“Wow, Wow, Wow….I received my outfit today and I just love it, it’s beautiful.

“I am very impressed with your service from start to finish and can’t believe I only ordered it yesterday and I got it today.”

“Thank you so much. I will definitely be ordering again.”

Browse their range here and their Instagram here.

Memsaab12 Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK - Memsaab

Memsaab Boutique, opened in 1997, is one of the ‘UK’s largest independent Asian fashion retailers’.

It is a brand of luxury and you can guarantee you get the highest quality clothing at affordable prices.

They sell a range of casual kurtas and 3-piece stitched salwar kameez suits in a range of designs for those who love minimal looks as well as flamboyant.

Their casual range is priced between £9.99 – £78.00, while their fancier wedding range is priced between £19.99 – £185.

Memsaab also sell a full range of classic salwar kameez suits for men, which is available in a range of fruitful colours. The prices for the men’s collection ranges between £29.99 – £39.99.

When it comes to Desi clothes, it is sometimes hard to find casual kurtas or salwars for kids as shops tend to sell a lot fancier childrenswear.

However, Memsaab sell both fancy and casual comfortable kurtas in vibrant colours for young girls. They are great if your little one tends to be fussy when wearing Desi clothes.

Aside from being online, Memsaab has 3 physical stores in the UK. One on Bury Park Road in Luton, Green Street in London, and Corporation Street in Dewsbury.

Check out their website here and their Instagram here.

Suits Me Online12 Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK - Suits Me Online

Suits Me Online first opened with a shop in April 2005. Their aim is to offer high-quality Indian and Pakistani fashion at an affordable price.

The Suits Me Online website states:

“Suits Me has a comprehensive range of women’s wear inspired by Indian/Pakistani tradition, celebrity looks and on-trend styles.”

They also sell menswear and kid’s clothing; however, their women’s clothing collection is the most extensive range.

Suits Me sell a range of 3-piece and 2-piece salwar kameez suits that can be worn casually, as well as dressed up for semi-formal events.

These suits come in a range of designs and bright colours.

Some come with simple trousers, some with the classic salwar and others with a wider leg design. Meaning consumers can adapt their preferred design to suit their style.

The casual salwar kameez suits are reasonably priced, ranging between £14.99 to £24.99.

Suits Me Online also sells some more formal Desi clothes, which are usually priced above £29.99, as well as some simple kurtis.

Once again, the kurtis are reasonably priced between £6.99 to £19.99.

They offer UK delivery, priced at £4.95 and guarantee that orders will be delivered within 3 working days. Whilst international orders would be between 7 to 10 days which remains impressive.

Explore their website here and their Instagram here.

NYAS Studio

12 Places to Buy Desi Clothes Online in the UK - NYAT Studio

NYAS Studio is a fusion brand selling Desi clothes with an urban modern twist. Explaining their unique brand, they state:

“As a British South-Asian, NYAS was founded with the goal to support those who struggle to embrace their culture and strike a balance.

“Many have overcome the hurdles and have been ridiculed for their Indo-Western Style, we have conquered and Embraced this.”

The pieces they sell are extremely unique, one-of-a-kind garments that you are not likely to find elsewhere.

NYAS Studio brings “a modern twist to the classic South Asian silhouette”.

Their collection contains unique suits such as simple kameez’s with a draped cowl neck feature. As well as, a net cape attached to a ‘V’ shaped silk kameez paired with slim-fit trousers and unique tassel sari’s.

However, their most popular item, which often sells out, has to be their cape sleeve co-ord. This piece is described as:

“A simple twist on the Kameez Silhouette with Cape Sleeves. The Cape Suit Co-ord is a long Kameez paired with Churidhar trousers giving a simple yet elegant set!”

It is extremely popular amongst customers and has been worn by multiple bloggers. This Desi co-ord is available in 4 block colours and is sure to turn heads.

Their prices range between a reasonable £24.99 and £42.99.

NYAS Studio is not just an innovative Desi brand; they are also making steps to ensure their products are sustainable.

In 2018, it was found that 5% of total global emissions come from the fashion industry, however, NYAS Studio ensures they do not add to this.

They get unused and throw-away fabrics from the Sadarghat market in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Once they purchase the fabrics they then up-cycle them in order to produce the unique NYAS pieces.

Check out their website here and their Instagram here.

Explore the Uniqueness

South Asian clothing is very unique and there is no one generic style or design.

Dripping in the South Asian vibrancy, these masterpieces depict the intricate creativity and tradition of Desi fashion.

The numerous stores and online collections mean it is easier than ever to find your preferred style or taste.

With many online shops focusing on design, affordability and inclusivity, Desi clothes are becoming more prominent than ever.

Whether it’s a simple kurti for lounging or a sumptuous sari for an engagement party, these online stores will surely provide an ensemble for any occasion.

Nishah is a History graduate with a keen interest in History and culture. She enjoys music, traveling and all things Bollywood. Her motto is: “When you feel like giving up remember why you started”.

Images courtesy of Al Karim, Ariana Boutique, Arisha Clothing, Diya Online, I Luv Designer, Memsaab, MZ Asian Collection, NYAS Studio, Suits Me Online, Want That Label, Unique Collection & Zaus.

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