7 Online Fashion Brands for Indian Clothes

With the rise in e-commerce, buying cultural wear has never been easier. DESIblitz presents the best online fashion brands for Indian clothes.

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The market for online Indian clothing is saturated.

The online fashion industry has been booming ever since the internet became more accessible than high-street shopping.

With the instantaneous searching of websites, consumers are now closer to finding the products they want than ever before.

A simple ‘add to basket’ has had a resounding success in the online clothing market.

Statista notes that in the UK, 62% of women purchase clothing and sports goods online.

Ordering a parcel of goods with 3-4 days shipping has become a thoughtless task, especially for a younger demographic.

Trips to local shopping centres are quickly becoming eradicated with the facilitation of the online shopping experience.

The sheer size of the online clothing market is a force to be reckoned with.

Therefore, it’s been manipulated into becoming a caterer for multiple consumers and markets.

The lack of diversity of the British high street has left ethnic minorities struggling to find cultural attire.

Whilst there are notable hotspots to gain these assets, they aren’t always accessible.

The rising prevalence of Indians in British society is a market that needs to be fulfilled.

That’s why the online medium is becoming the new haven for clothing.

As a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, online retailers are becoming more desirable for a British Indian population.

DESIblitz presents the top 7 online fashion brands that deliver a smooth shopping experience.


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Lashkaraa is a premium clothing brand with multiple services to target your needs for elegant Indian attire.

They can become a go-to brand for finding garments for an upcoming wedding or special occasion.

The brand’s purpose perfectly encapsulates the growing demand for Indians and the need to access cultural clothing.

Upon immediately clicking on the site, it quickly becomes evident that the online shop is easy to navigate.

The immediate options to explore items from ‘salwar kameez’ to ‘lehenga choli’ presents the site as being uncomplicated.

The brand also offers tips and services which closely replicate that of an in-store experience.

With the help of a video, consumers can be aided in learning how to accurately take measurements for garments.

Furthermore, advice on how to wear sarees is provided – making the shopping experience even smoother once your purchase has arrived.

BIBA Apparels

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It’s important to understand that online shopping doesn’t come without its risks.

The prospects of ordering an inaccurate size or doubts about the quality of the materials often undermine online shopping.

Statista recognised how 60% of online shoppers used a ‘try before you buy’ scheme for clothes in the UK in 2019.

The fear of the unknown with online shopping could be the downfall of this industry.

Some shoppers simply do not trust the workings of online shopping.

That’s why many would like to turn back to shops they’re already familiar with, but order on an online platform.

A great example of this is the e-commerce version of BIBA Apparels.

BIBA is already a renowned store in India, with 285 stores in 120 cities.

Therefore, many of its online customers may well be buyers who have already experienced an in-store purchase.

The assurance that may have come with buying a product in-store is easily translated online.

Online customers have a good idea of the quality of material and their specific size in the brand’s database.

This makes this store a comfortable pick for those who are still adjusting to the online shopping platform.


7 Online Fashion Brands for Indian Clothes - 3

Statista has also recognised delivery costs as one of the biggest hindrances of online shopping.

It’s something that Brits in particular are concerned about.

The main reason why consumers abandoned their online shopping cart in the UK in 2018 was due to delivery charges.

There’s nothing more disruptive than a hefty order totalling up to an obscene amount, and then experiencing extra delivery charges.

Furthermore, the desire for luxury and premium Indian apparel often diverts shoppers to brands based in India itself.

However, this can understandably lead to frustration when the postage costs add up to a high amount.

Diya Online is a brand that directly combats these problems.

The company, which is based in Luton, eliminates these soaring costs which can make you rethink your whole buy.

It has been hailed for spotting the “niche in the market for an affordable, off the peg, ready-to-wear Asian fashion collection”.

This is immediately evident when clicking on the site.

The ‘Under £20’ and ‘Outlet’ sections are helpful for those trying to stick to a budget.

In addition to this, the brand’s residency in the UK makes its delivery services perfect for British buyers.

Whether you are pleased with standard delivery or desperate for next-day delivery, the brand accommodates excellently for those living in the UK.


7 Online Fashion Brands for Indian Clothes - 4

Cbazaar offers a shopping experience that resonates with the British Indian population.

The website highlights: “Our worldwide mission is to take our EthnoVogue concept of dressing to the masses.

“Dressing traditional while staying on-trend and in tune with contemporary fashion is the cornerstone belief.”

This mission is evident from an initial exploration of the website.

The brand offers many benefits from a first glance – the replications of celebrity wardrobes, to showcasing seasonal purchases.

However, a unique market the brand has maximised its inclusion of is the Indo-Western range.

For Western Indians, customers can encompass Western fashion into a cultural form.

Furthermore, buyers don’t have to commit to full outfits.

Instead, buyers have the luxury of buying individual pieces with the ‘mix and match’ feature.

This enables customers to incorporate their pre-existing clothing into a new purchase, reducing the number of new items bought.

Aashni and Co

7 Online Fashion Brands for Indian Clothes - 5

Aashni and Co is another British based business that wishes to “pioneer the most desirable edit in Indian high fashion.”

Aashni and Co’s extensive collections allow it to have the means to commit to wider fashion projects.

From glamorous wedding shows to partnerships with exclusive designers, the company has feats that other brands may struggle to achieve.

What’s particularly notable about this brand is the emphasis on sustainable designer items.

A topic that has been on the horizon within the fashion industry is the demand for more environmentally conscious products.

The company’s emphasis on collaborating with sustainable designers shows recognition of the climate crisis.

House of Indya

7 Online Fashion Brands for Indian Clothes - 6

The market for online Indian clothing is saturated in terms of finding the most common products.

From sarees to suits, a quick Google search can leave you with multiple options.

However, House of Indya has explored a gateway into a more niche market for cultural attire.

The cumulation of typical South Asian patterns into comfortable jumpsuits and dresses is a creative aspect that House of Indya delivers.

Often, Indian buyers aim to find pieces that can effectively fuse ethnic attire but in a more relaxed form.

Alongside other brands, House of Indya also highlights celebrity fashion picks for their buyers.

For example, the site features Shraddha Kapoor’s top picks from the brand’s collection.

This includes saree tunics to a multitude of trouser styles.

Good Earth

7 Online Fashion Brands for Indian Clothes - 7

As mentioned, the need for sustainably sourced clothing is reaching its highest demand.

Especially for younger consumers, who are often more environmentally-friendly driven, the need for conscious brands is required more than ever.

However, trying to find a sustainable online fashion brand that also incorporates the search for Indian clothes can be a daunting task.

Good Earth is a brand that juxtaposes this and puts sustainability alongside luxury at the forefront of its brand initiatives.

The founder of the company, Anita Lal expressed her visions on the website of the brand:

“For us, luxury means being surrounded by things that are pure, natural with original design and preferably handcrafted.

“Living with fine handcrafted objects uplifts the spirit.”

The way the brand regards the importance of the living world is already evident in their name.

However, the brand’s aim to become a premium clothing brand proposes it as a perfect online shop to check out.

There are a plethora of online fashion brands to be explored and new Indian markets are being set up every day.

The diverse ranges that online brands deliver for customers is what makes online shopping so attractive.

Online fashion brands are increasingly shaping up to be the new form of consumerism.

Aashi is a student who enjoys writing, playing the guitar and is passionate about the media. A favourite quote of hers is: "You don't have to be stressed or busy to be important"

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