10 Best Indian Restaurants in Liverpool

If you are in Liverpool and are in need of some quality Indian food, there are some great Indian restaurants to check out.

The bar is a sight to behold for beer lovers

Liverpool is home to several Indian restaurants that are known for their rich flavours and aromas.

Eateries range from traditional to contemporary but all of them are enjoyed by locals and visitors to the city.

In Liverpool, there is a broad spectrum of cultures and this has contributed to such high-quality restaurants in the city.

Situated all over the city, these restaurants have their own house specialities which are loved by diners.

If you live in Liverpool or are visiting the city, here are 10 of the top Indian restaurants which are worth dining at.

Mowgli Street Food

10 Best Indian Restaurants in Liverpool -mowgli

Well-known Indian restaurant chain Mowgli Street Food has restaurants all over the country.

Mowgli is all about how Indians eat at home and on their streets.

It is not about a quiet dining experience. It is about the hustle and bustle.

In Liverpool, Mowgli has two branches – on Water Street and Bold Street – and they showcase food from the homes and streets of India.

One recommendation is the four-tiered tiffin boxes, featuring a selection of dishes chosen by the chef.

This makes for a delicious surprise. It also allows diners to try out dishes that they may not have tried before.

East Z East

10 Best Indian Restaurants in Liverpool - east

Brothers Ash and Mushy opened East Z East in 2012 and it is known for serving authentic Punjabi cuisine.

Located on Keel Wharf, East Z East uses locally sourced ingredients to create delicious food.

The spacious venue features stylish decor to ensure a pleasant dining experience.

East Z East has a broad menu, featuring classic non-veg and veg dishes.

But to make the most of the authentic cuisine, it is best to try one of the Punjabi Traditional Special Handis.

One option is Lahori Lamb Chop, which is lamb chops cooked in a flavourful sauce.

Excellent food coupled with top-notch service makes this Indian restaurant one to visit.


10 Best Indian Restaurants in Liverpool - bundo

One of the most well-known Indian street food restaurant chains is Bundobust and in Liverpool, it is in the city centre on Bold Street.

Bundobust is also one of Liverpool’s best vegetarian restaurants as every dish on the menu is meat-free. But you will not notice as you will be too busy enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

The bar is a sight to behold for beer lovers as it has a variety of local beers and craft IPAs on offer.

Street food options include the delicious Vada Pav, a rolled and spicy potato ball, deep-fried and nestled inside a soft brioche bun.

Other dishes include the famous Bundo Chaat and Bhel Puri.

Their signature Okra Fries are so good that they even have their own merchandise, so you can go there and get the t-shirt.

Barton Rouge

10 Best Indian Restaurants in Liverpool - barton

Barton Rouge is renowned for being one of Liverpool’s best fine dining Indian restaurants.

Located in the city’s Commercial District, Barton Rouge fuses traditional Indian flavours with modern twists.

There is an emphasis on grilled food as the venue moves away from the idea of ‘takeaway culture’. Instead, it focuses on fine dining.

Dishes are inspired by Old Delhi-style street food.

Some dishes that are worth trying include Lamb Pepper Fry, Honey Chicken Tikka and Boti Kebab.

Barton Rouge also serves cocktails to match the dishes along with beer and wine.

It also caters for special functions such as birthdays, christenings and even weddings.


10 Best Indian Restaurants in Liverpool - sanskruti

One of Liverpool’s top Indian restaurants for vegetarians and vegans is Sanskruti.

Sanskruti champions plant-based dishes from different regions across India.

The menu features an exciting array of authentic dishes.

Street food dishes on offer include Pani Puri and Papdi Chaat. Meanwhile, Gujarati dishes such as Vatana Bateta and Kaju Karela are delicious options.

A great sharing option is the Thali.

Sanskruti also serves a fun selection of drinks to accompany your meal, with offerings such as Mango Lassi, Nimbu Pani and Cobra beer on draught.

Yukti The Art Kitchen

Yukti The Art Kitchen is well known in Liverpool and it is a stylish restaurant to visit.

The Prescot Road venue has a large menu, meaning there is something for everyone.

Many of the dishes are classic Indian options. This includes samosas and Daal Makhani.

There are also more innovative options like Banana Pakora.

But Yukti is renowned for its thalis, so much so that it has a menu specifically for that.

There are several thalis to choose from, but all are served with rice, tadka daal, kadai aloo, raita and tossed salad.

It is a restaurant to visit, especially if you enjoy sharing meals.

The Spice City

The Spice City is on Stanley Street, in the heart of Liverpool’s Business Quarter.

The restaurant takes pride in using the freshest ingredients in every dish to tantalise the tastebuds.

Classic dishes and exclusive Spice City Specials are on offer.

One dish is the spicy Nagarji, which is similar to the restaurant’s Bhuna but is cooked with naga chillies, giving the dish a unique flavour.

A signature option to try is Pepsila. Chicken tikka, lamb tikka or mixed vegetables are cooked with green herbs, green chillies and green peppers.

The Spice City also does takeaway for those who want to enjoy the restaurant’s delicious food from the comfort of their home.

Sultan’s Palace

Sultan’s Palace is a family-run restaurant situated in the heart of Liverpool.

The chilled atmosphere ensures a relaxing meal out.

Sultan’s Palace specialises in Tandoori and Mughlai cooking.

In tandoori cooking, meat is marinated with herbs and spices and cooked to perfection in a tandoor.

Barbecued over a charcoal fire, the succulent flavours are instantly sealed in by temperatures up to 400°C.

Meanwhile, the Mughlai style takes cooking to gourmet heights and dates back to the 16th Century when Mughal emperors brought with them Persian recipes full of rich flavour.

This is showcased in the restaurant’s dishes, which boast a variety of tandoori options.


Nestled in the leafy suburbs of Woolton Village, Holdi is a fine dining restaurant that serves up mouth-watering dishes that are true to Indian cuisine.

Holdi uses high-quality ingredients including unique blends of ground spices.

The restaurant serves a variety of starters and main courses.

A speciality is the African Saba Saba.

It consists of chicken breast cooked with African chillies and blended with Indian spices.

A new addition to the menu is the Monkfish. It is marinated in yoghurt, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, garam masala, garlic and ginger for 24 hours. It is then cooked in a tandoor.

KO Grill

KO Grill is an authentic Indian and Pakistani restaurant offering high-quality and locally sourced meats and ingredients in the heart of Liverpool.

All the meats are sourced locally and marinated for at least 24 hours.

Each dish is cooked in a tandoori oven and finished on a charcoal grill, locking in those succulent, spiced flavours.

KO Grill offers a wide range of food, from falafel wraps to traditional curries.

One positive aspect among diners is that the dishes are good value for money.

If you are looking for something a little different, try KO Grill.

These 10 Liverpool restaurants have their own set of devoted diners who keep coming back for the delicious food.

The various cuisines that they specialise in means that there is an Indian restaurant for different taste preferences.

Visiting these Liverpool restaurants are a wholesome experience.

So whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to enjoy some good food, these restaurants will leave you feeling satisfied.

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